Blogging SEO Tips for Authority

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blogging seo tips

Blogging has become a massive field since the advent of Internet.When I came to Writing Job Online as the marketing consultant, the first thing I was talking about is creating of blog, because it’s an essential component of community building.

Blogs need to be updated regularly, and the posts must be fresh and relevant. Many people who write posts tend to forget this. If you become stale you can easily focus on filling the space, instead of filling it properly.

The following blogging SEO tips will help you stay focused:

Tip 1 – Post Volume and Content
Post volume is determined by the amount of space available and the amount needed to present the topic. The goal is not just to write a set number of words. It is to use that number of words to make an impact on the reader. Therefore the priority here is the content of the post.
  It must be solid, interesting, and have an impact. To prevent your blog from becoming boring allow for a variety in the size of the posts. Do not allow it to become bland. Use humor to liven it. People always enjoy humor and you can use it to strengthen your presentation. Likewise using citations will also give a lift to your post. Video clips, music and slideshows are other useful mediums to use.

  Tip 2 – Be Unique
When setting out to write your posts it is important that what you present is unique. Today there is an abundance of material available on many subjects. It is easy to simply re hash what someone else has written. However the key to successful posts is to follow your own instincts style and viewpoints. It is this that creates interest in what you have to say. Your own take on the subject will ensure it is fresh. Your sense of humor, selection of music selection of citations will ensure it is uniquely your work and that gives it authority and freshness.

  Tip 3 – Connection
This is another blogging SEO tips you must learn to obey. The whole purpose of blogging and writing posts is to communicate with your audience. The blog users who read your blog are there for a purpose. It is essential you meet their expectations if you want to be successful. It allows for a two way communication. When people visit your blog and leave comments you need to be open to their views.

 Some will leave positive comments and you should read them then reply to them. Let your visitors see that you do read their comments as well and that you pay attention to them. Others may leave negative comments. It is easy to ignore them and remove them from the blog. Rather read them and consider carefully what is being said. Do not delete them.

   Author Bio:Larry Heart is a tech blogger and marketing specialist since 2008. He believes that positive thinking and creativity are the key factors, which lead to success. Feel free to contact him via G+

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