Are You Jobless? These Are Things You Must Not Do!

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You went to school, read one of the best courses available and remained enthusiastic of landing a lucrative job after graduation. But months and years after graduating from school there is no employment. First you were hopeful; but from hope you moved to being anxious, then to a state of increased tension and finally to a state of despair. That is the case with many unemployed graduates today.

When you have dreams, sometimes they are easily achievable but sometimes too they hardly become realistic. Whatever be the case, life must continue. Giving up your dreams completely would mean you have considered yourself a failure.

What You must not do
If you find yourself unemployed for several months and then years, there are things you should never do. You must never:
1. Remain at the same level: This world is a place of intense and fierce competition and only those who have some competitive edge of sort eventually win. If you must be among the winners therefore, you need to add new skills to what you already have in order to have some comparative advantage over your competitors.

2. Be disconnected: Nobody succeeds in isolation. You need other people to be successful. Don’t ever try to create your own world where you live alone. When you remain connected to the right people they can help link you up whenever there are opportunities you may not know of.

3. Be comfortable: Anyone comfortable with his status can hardly go beyond where he finds himself. You must never be satisfied being jobless. Keep your brain and your mind working. Think of other things you can possibly do with your life. Offer services that can help solve other people’s problems. Open a laundry, write “How-To” books, etc and earn money instead of remaining in despair.

4. Be an Island: Those who think they are an island of knowledge end up achieving nothing. No single man knows everything under the sun. Ask questions: consult other people with the right knowledge or ideas and chart your own success map based on the right information you receive.

5. Remain in obscurity : You must never remain in the dark. You need to advertise yourself. Nobody would employ you except they know of your existence and competence. Tell people about yourself and your qualifications on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, etc. You can advertise yourself through complimentary cards or simply create a new free blog to promote yourself. Never remain in the dark and silently hope someone should discover you one day.

6. Become outdated : The worst thing you could ever do to yourself is to become outdated while waiting for a job to come. You eventually discover when your dream job comes; you are no longer employable because you never upgraded yourself throughout the waiting period. While the waiting lasts, make sure you read papers and visit related niche forums to get information from time to time.

7. Be unprepared : Expecting a job means you must have it at the back of your mind that the job could come any moment. It therefore means you must be prepared for it. You need to attend seminars and workshops so as not to be caught off guard. You don’t want your potential employer to see you as one who is not prepared to work. You must keep fit both physically and mentally as well.

8. Be unemployed : That you are searching for a job does not mean you should remain unemployed for ages. You must not wait for an employer for ever. Do something to employ yourself. This is the best time to look inwards to see what you could possibly do to remove your name from the ‘unemployed’ list. Start your own job, even if it means starting in a small way.

9. Remain hopeless: No amount of despair or hopelessness can ever improve your fortune. Staying hopeless makes it impossible for you to think straight. You need to give yourself hope if you must make it in life.

10. Be stagnant: Never remain stagnant in your dreams and focus. When what you dream of refuses to come, refine your dream or change your goal in another more realistic direction. Add more talents and move ahead with life.

Sometimes the best in us is discovered during trying moments. When such trying moments come, take time to look inwards to see what you can discover about yourself. You can create your dream world; you have to give yourself a reason to be hopeful and keep moving in life.

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