A Niche Idea to Capitalize on High-Paying Insurance Ads

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high-paying insurance ads

With upcoming changes to the nation’s healthcare industry, you can build a blog to capitalize on high-paying insurance Ads words in the insurance community.

How Obamacare Helps You
No, this has nothing to do with how the law will actually affect you. Aspiring bloggers with a journalistic knack for article writing and research can launch a blog specifically to monitor the changes in healthcare reform while writing a variety of posts that cover top-paying keywords.

The competition for blanket terms like “insurance” are all but blocked out by major corporations, but one blog (Frugal Dad) is actually listed on the first page of Google results for THE high-paying insurance ads word self-employed health insurance. This term weighs in at $43.39 per click according to Wordstream, a company that sells software to analyze text ad campaigns.

The real kicker? That post was written in 2010.

Dealing with a Flooded Market
Usually I would tell you to follow your heart and blog about your passion, but you also have to strike while the iron is hot. This marketing strategy could be good for 1 to 2 years as the healthcare system begins to shift. You can always use the money you make to build a better blog that suits your passion.

The problem with high-paying Adsense words is that the market is flooded with competitive people who are trying to make money.

Traffic and clicks are essential to actually making money. There are plenty of ways to get traffic, but there is only one way to stand out to browsers; and that’s with CONTENT. You don’t have to be inside the insurance industry to conduct research and produce compelling advice and arguments, but you should take your time to create information that people can trust.

People across America are going to be searching for answers on finding self-employed health insurance and navigating government subsidized health exchanges. Each state will be different, which offers a niche approach in the form of a local viewpoint (i.e. your state).

Why is this a Good Idea?
1.Obamacare is a highly controversial issue, and the topic itself will attract readers. Presenting facts will be helpful, but offering an opinion is what will get people talking (and hopefully clicking).

2.The topic offers an abundance of information. Blogging about this event as it unfolds will be hard work, but to truly understand the ins, outs and politics of the entire situation, you have to be a mastermind. (Yes, you MUST be talented.) The positive side of this coin is that when you sit down to write, you will never have to scrape for material.

3.Someone needs to do it! There are plenty of government sponsored Websites and counter arguments presented by opposing parties; but a responsible Webmaster could curate, organize and even extend this information to inform the public. Oh yeah, and make a ton of money from one the highest paying markets on Adsense.

Yes, it’s a niche idea; but in an oversaturated market, taking a niche is the only way to go.

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About the Author: Carol Wilson is a freelance writer and blogger that specializes in topics related to the business world, including marketing, entrepreneurship, small business ownership, and even business insurance.

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