5 Taboos You Have to Avoid in Business Blogging

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Business blogging

Are you doing these taboos in business blogging? Blogging for business is popular today. Many people are doing this to expand their business as well as to retain their existing customers. But, business blogging can be done in the wrong way, and many people are doing their business blogging without acknowledging their mistakes. Here are 5 taboos you have to avoid in business blogging:

1. Violating your brand

Your blog should represent your brand. Therefore, you have to stick with your brand image in your blog. Violating your brand will only distort the image of your brand in your blog, which will result in losing interest of your readers and potential customers. Your blog should accurately describe your brand, and as such it should be able to introduce the brand more clearly to your audience.

2. Unclear contact information

When you do business blogging, you have to give clear contact information to your audience. Make sure that you’re reachable. That’s because many people will try to confirm your contact information in order to make sure that your business is legitimate. Unclear contact information will only spur suspicion from your audience, making your products doubtful to them. And the result for this is that your readers will not trust your blog, your brand, your company, and your products.

3. Neglecting comments

One important feature of blog is the ability for your readers to leave comments to your posts. This is an important part of your blog that will help you to establish communication with your audience. Therefore, you should never neglect comments in your blog, and make sure that the comment area stays clean from spam. You should take care of your content, as well as your blog comments. Many business bloggers let their blog comments to be filled with spam, which result in loss credibility for them.

4. Blog only about your products

The goal of your blog is to build better communication with your audience. Without blog, your relationship with your audience is just about buying and selling products. With blog, you can share ideas and help your audience. This is the role of your business blog. It has to provide good and valuable information to your audience. If you blog only about your products, you can’t build this special relationship with your audience.

5. Separating your business blog from your corporate website

You have to connect your business blog with your corporate website to convey the complete message to your audience. Your corporate website is designed to inform your audience about your products, while your business blog is designed to build personal relationship with your audience. You can’t separate those two aspects of your online business. In this way, you can maximize sales and expand your online business effectively.

Those are 5 taboos that you have to avoid in business blogging. You need to stick with the goal of your business blog, which is to build relationship with your audience. Those taboos should be avoided because they can lead your business blog into failure.

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