3 Inspiring Business Success Stories

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Often times other people’s successes can lead us to our own glory stories. If you are looking for some motivation, here are three success stories from the business world that can help re-ignite your passion.
Judi Sheppard Missett
This former dance instructor is the founder of an extremely popular fitness company. The idea came to her when she realized her students were more interested in losing weight, than learning new dance steps. Sheppard picked up her speed, turned the music up, and her class was soon packed. She soon transformed her company into a franchise business. She currently has a clothing line and more than 7,500 locations worldwide.

In addition to being a dance instructor, Sheppard has developed an art gallery at her Jazzercise corporate office. She also hosts biannual art conventions to help new artist get exposure. Jazzercise and the International House of Blues Foundation are working together to sponsor a series of art workshops for deaf and disabled children and adults.

Seth Goldman
Goldman first started brewing organic tea in his kitchen. It took him five weeks to create the perfect recipe. He convinced Whole Foods to sell his tea, and his company is now listed as a Top Green Corporation. Today, Honest Tea is sold in glass and plastic bottles all over the United States. The company is Fair Trade Certified, which ensures all tea production workers get a fair salary.

Seth also co-founded Bethesda Green. The company has helped restaurants convert their grease into fuel. Bethesda Green has also diverted more than 200,000 lbs. of electronic waste away from landfills.

Jill BlashackStrahan
BlashackStrahan used the $6,000 in her saving account to start a multimillion-dollar gourmet food company. She started out using her pool table as a packing station, and her backyard shed as a storage area. She started her company Tastefully Simple, by selling her gourmet food at taste-testing parties. After being in business for 12 years, her company had amassed $120 million dollars.

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Jill received her entrepreneurial spirit from her father. Despite growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota, her father was far ahead of his time. Before starting her gourmet food company, Jill and her father co-owned and managed “Jill’s Grill”. After opening her restaurant, she opened a gift shop business. In 1995, she founded Tastefully Simple.

About the Author: Dan is a marketing and business blogger who finds his inspiration through reading other people’s success stories. He is also a contributing writer for Treehouse, an agency that specializes in app design.

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