What is an Asset Label and How Can It Help Your Business?

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An asset label represents an essential part of office management. Asset labels, or asset tags, can be attached to items like computers and office equipment. Made from a range of materials, which include polyester, vinyl, and aluminium, they tend to be hard wearing, and can be used to contain barcodes and serial numbers that identify ownership and the history of an item. In this way, asset labels can help your business in a number of important ways, from company branding through to security measures, and by enhancing accuracy during office moves. These benefits are discussed in more detail below:

1 – Clear Company Branding and Information Storage
An asset label provides a clear form of identification for an item. Logos and company colours can be used to mark out an item as belonging to that business, and can also be broken down by particular departments. Information on date of arrival and maintenance can also be stored on barcodes, making it easy to keep track of an item’s history. In this way, it is possible for a business to easily categorise their assets, which can help to speed up an audit, and can ensure that new items within a workplace are added to the correct departments.

2 – Reduces Errors During Office Moves
Asset labels help businesses during office moves by allowing items to be matched up and collectively transported. Transit problems can be reduced by ensuring that asset labelled items are packaged together, and that they can be scanned and recorded in their new destinations. Breaking down asset labels by department helps this process, and means that mistakes in transit can be cut down.

3 – Improves Security
Having an asset label on an item acts as a strong deterrent to thieves. Most labels cannot be removed without permanently marking the surface of an item, and can be particularly problematic for thieves of laptops and small items. Being unable to remove these marks means that thieves are less likely to be able to resell items without alerting suspicion; and also means that they are more easily recovered if their original barcode and serial number can be searched for by the police.

4 – Makes a Business More Compliant with Health and Safety Regulations
Asset labels can help to boost the general health and safety of a workplace by being attached to electrical appliances, as well as to potentially hazardous or damaged items. Asset labels on electrical appliances can both indicate ownership, and can demonstrate the last time that it received an electrical safety test. Similarly, asset labels can be attached to light fixtures and kitchen items, meaning that it is possible to check expiry dates and any past technical problems.

5 – Cuts Costs on Replacing Name Tags and Badges
The durability of asset labels means that the problem of having to regularly replace staff name tags and badges due to wear and tear can be reduced. Tags and badges can be overlaminated and manufactured using polyester and vinyl materials that make them scratch resistant. Name badges that are used in outdoor conditions, such as for police work or construction, can similarly be made using aluminium and other hard wearing materials that can resist rain damage.

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