The Dos and Don’ts of Payday Loan Affiliate Marketing

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One of the biggest markets in the UK at the moment is the payday loan industry. This could be due to the economic downturn mixed with the shrinking trust with the high street banks after the media have revealed their never-ending scandals!

It is no wonder then that payday loan affiliate programs are hugely benefitting from this demand with many payday loan affiliates making massive incomes. If you are thinking about joining a payday loan affiliate program and dramatically increasing your income then here are the top 3 dos and don’ts of payday loan affiliate marketing.

Top 3 dos:
1. DO choose the right payday loan affiliate program for you
To make a success out of your payday loan affiliate enterprise/campaign it is essential to pick a program that is compliant to regulations and has a solid reputation in the industry, with affiliates and lenders.
The best payday loan affiliate programs integrate with all the biggest lenders in the industry, micro lenders and private lenders so you have the biggest chance of conversion. They will have a support team that will help you maximize your lead generation campaign and offer high commission rates.

2. DO decide which integration method is suitable to your campaign
The best payday loan affiliate programs will have several platforms in which you can integrate and it is important to decide which one is suitable to your campaign; several campaigns can be run at the same time.
If you have a payday loan website already then you can start making money immediately by simply placing the payday loan affiliate form into you “Apply Now” iFrame and off you go.
Alternatively, for those who don’t have a payday loan website already, but want to be up and running immediately, the best payday loan affiliate programs will have a portfolio of white label payday loan websites for you to choose from. They are ready start monetizing and just need an affiliate to drive traffic to them!

The third option in which you integrate with a payday loan affiliate program and generate extra revenue from leads is by running a PPC campaign. The best payday loan affiliate programs will have a bank of banner ads all set for you to run.
DO choose a payday loan affiliate program that has a detailed tracking system
To make sure you are maximizing your full lead generation potential it is imperative that you choose a payday loan affiliate program with a detailed tracking portal.
Choosing a program that will allow you to view detailed statistics from revenue per impression to revenue per submit. These statistics will allow you to analyze what are the most powerful marketing methods.

Top 3 don’ts:
DON’T think this isn’t for you because you don’t have a payday loan company or website
You can make big earnings from the best payday loan affiliate program and there are many ways in which this is possible without already having a payday loan website. As stated previously the best payday loan affiliate programs will have a portfolio of white label payday loan website that you can choose from and start monetizing immediately.
A payday loan affiliate program support team will be able to advise on the best integration platform suitable to you and how you can generate the most income from your campaigns.

DON’T choose a program that will aggressively remarket your leads
The best payday loan affiliate programs understand that people don’t want to hassle as soon as they have applied for something, therefore it is important to choose a payday loan affiliate program that won’t aggressively remarket your leads. Avoiding the programs that bombard your customers with unrelated advertising will increase your customer relations, retention and will gain you respect within the industry.

DON’T spam
Many websites, forums, blogging sites, social networking sites etc. take spamming very seriously and if you are found to be doing it you will find yourself getting banned from these types of sites, limiting your promotional resources.

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