Quality Ways to Increase Your Blog Popularity and Earn More Revenue (Part 1)

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Blogging is about getting your ideas, information, concepts, etc known to a vast population. Every blogger’s dream therefore, is to reach out to the highest number of people with his information. To some extent, it is not just the quality of information or ideas that you have that turns you into a great blogger; but the information coupled with your blog popularity and the number of readers you are able to reach.

If you have the best ideas, the best concept, the most accurate information and yet there is no one to consume what you have, you are not a professional blogger. What has turned mashable, blogengage, probloggers, huffingtonpost and the rest into the most visited blogs online is not only because they have the information that people want; after all there are hundreds of blogs with quality information out there. But the popularity of those blogs has ensured that people kept talking about them and referring their friends as well.

Ways To increase your Blog popularity

If you have the dream of earning full time income with your blog, then you must think of ways of to increase your blog popularity. Some of the ways to do this and ensure that a lot of information or pleasure seekers keep coming to your site include:
1. Define your niche: A blog with a defined niche would attract people who need what you offer in that particular niche. People need specific information and they are attracted to places where they can get what they want. Niches where you can easily get readers include social media, celebrities, fashion, fitness, sports, health, blogging tips, etc.

2. Use quality directories: Submitting your blog or website to quality directories like Dmoz, Yahoo, Technorati, BOTW, etc would ensure you get recognized by a lot of search engines in the shortest possible time.

3. Social media: Social media is now the in thing when it comes to gaining popularity online. You have to use them to gain known. You need to maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc and also ensure your blog is properly linked as well. When these startegies are combined, they help to increase your blog popularity in the long run.

4. Provide answers to people’s curiosity: You need to solve people’s problems. A lot of people are looking for answers to their questions. You make yourself available to answer questions on wiki answers, yahoo answers, etc.

5. Provide quality information: It doesn’t matter what niche you have chosen to write on. What is important is the quality of information you provide in that niche. People would always visit you if they know you have the quality information they need.

6. Article directories: Submit your post regularly to top, quality article directories like ezinearticles, goarticles, etc and get a lot of people visiting to read your posts.

7. Established forums: participate in established forums related to your niche and sooner than later, people would start following you down to your blog and this would in turn increase your blog popularity.

8. Offer How-to tutorials: There are lots of people who do not know the steps to take to get some things done. They need tutorials on how to take care of their problems. This could be on how to customize blogs, how to edit videos, how to write Javascripts, how to design websites, how to lose weight, etc

9. Visit other blogs: Visit other blogs in your niche and establish friendship with the owners of such blogs. You can also leave useful comments on such blogs. They help to build your credibility and popularity.

10. Offer freebies: people love free gifts especially if they are useful and help to take care of their needs. If you offer free gifts to your visitors and those who sign up for your news letter, it goes a long way to build your popularity and increase your chances of earning more revenue with your blog.

If you practice the above suggestions, you are bound to become popular in no distant time and attract a lot of readers to your blog which will eventually increase your chances of earning more revenue with your blog.

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