Quality Ways to Increase Your Blog Popularity and Earn More Revenue (Part 2)

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increase your blog popularity

In our last post we talked about Quality Ways to Increase Your Blog popularity and earn More revenue; today we will be looking at the part 2 and the concluding part of the post. Increasing your blog popularity is an uphill task, yet easy to accomplish if you know the right buttons to press.
We are going to exploit other ways of improving our popularity online and get the chance to get more readers visiting our blogs and leaving more dollars in our pockets.

how Do You Increase Your Blog Popularity?

1. Organize contests:

Contest is a way of driving more bloggers and readers to your blog because it gives people the opportunity to express themselves and prove their mettle. People love to participate in contests for the fun of proving they are the best. When you provide this opportunity, a lot of participants would troop to your blog.

2. Accept Guest posts:

Guest post is one other way to draw people to your blog. When I published on bloggerlinkup that I needed guest bloggers for my blog, the following weeks I began to receive several offers and this has in a way shot up the number of visitors I receive daily on my blog.

3. Write Reviews:

Writing reviews on important topics helps to establish you as an authority and one who knows his onions. This would bring more readers to your blog as well.

4. Blogging networks:

Join network of bloggers who share common ideas and express yourself freely. You can do this by joining bloggers, blogcatalog, blogengage, etc.

5. Write books:

Write books on your best subjects and give them out to your blog readers for free. Also submit them to free book directories. Your popularity grows as the books go viral.

6. Organize interviews:

Organize interviews with great bloggers, celebrities, etc and publish them on your blog. If they provide quality information on how to succeed, they would naturally be distributed by your readers to their friends.

7. Bait for Links:

Write and ask for link exchange with blogs in your niche or related niches. A lot of website owners are looking for such opportunities. When given such opportunities they can actually help you in other ways to promote your site.

8. Do something different:

Try and carve a niche for yourself by doing something that would make you stand out from the crowd. I have seen some unique ways of encouraging participation on blogs like ezinearticles, huffingtonpost, etc. What they do is to award you a special prize or crowns for certain achievements on the site. If you check my profile on ezienarticles you would see the number of awards I have accumulated. It is a way of building the popularity of such blogs and getting more visitors.

9. Add graphics:

Adding graphics or pictures to your blog post helps to improve its quality and get more people to like it. If done consistently, you are bound to keep getting more readers.

10. Feed directories:

Submit your feed to quality feed directories. This ensures that your posts get to a vast audience each time you publish new posts on your blog and as such increase your blog popularity.
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Adhering to these advices would help improve your blog popularity and make you an authority in your chosen niche. Consequently, more visitors would come to read your posts. This eventually increases your chances of making more revenue.
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