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Everyone it seems is online to make money these days, except you. You’re probably asking yourself on a regular basis, “How can I make money online too?” While there are many different ways to make money online, and no real limitations on what works or doesn’t work, there are a few methods that guarantee more income than others.

You just have to be willing to dedicate your time and energy into whatever project you decide to tackle and remember that no matter what avenue you choose, it all takes time. If you’re not willing to put in the time into a project, you can’t expect to get anything out. There is by no means a quick money making scheme online, but there are some very lucrative opportunities for those that are willing to see it through.
Sell Things
  • eBay: The most frequently suggested online retail site to sell your goods or old junk is ebay. Because it has been around for so long and so many people use it on a daily basis, it’s a good place to start your online retailing business.
  • Craigslist: Employ the power of the internet to post local ads for your area to sell your unwanted goods. You can also advertise services on craigslist, such as being a handyman for the day or something similar. The options are endless.
  • Amazon: If you can become an Amazon partner, you can make money selling things on Amazon. By linking people to products on Amazon through blogs that you write or run, you can profit from any items sold as a result of your advertising.
There are obviously many more out there, as illustrated in the image above. It all depends on whether you want to sell other’s products or your own.
  • Adsense: Try to set up a blog or personal website where you update your thoughts frequently. If you gain enough of a following, you can start putting Google’s ads on your site and make money off of the number of clicks you get on your ads.
  • Amazon Affiliate Program: Again, if you have your own website, become an Amazon affiliate. If you review products on your website that are for sale on Amazon, any money Amazon makes as a result of your review or backlink to their site, you can profit off of the sale.
  • Local Businesses: If your website or blog concerns local issues, try contacting local businesses about an advertising spot. Most doctor’s offices or law firms would love the opportunity to advertise to a niche market on your high traffic website.
Freelance Work
  • Writing: If you have any type of writing skills, put them to good use. Freelance writers can make anywhere between $5 and $10 an article starting out. Just scour the internet for freelance writing websites and get started. It’s a great way to put in a few hours of extra time you have while making money as well.
  • Computer Work: Whether you’re a web designer or professional programmer, there’s always a huge demand for freelance employees on the online marketplace Put your skills to work when you get home from work and make money online doing freelance computer work. Many of the same sites that offer freelance writing positions also offer freelance web design and programming positions all under the same roof.
  • Local Skills: If you’re not skilled in writing or computer programming, try putting your other skills to work as well. If you advertise yourself on craigslist or look for other job postings, you can easily make money locally on the weekends.
Other Tips
  • Surveys: Many companies go online to test out focus groups for their new products. Online survey taking can get you a few dollars here and there just for voicing your opinion. You may even be sent some free products as well to review. Just be aware of the scams running around. Get expert opinion before you enroll, and never pay a company/website to give you access to make-money-surveys. They are scams. Period.
  • Administrative Assistant: Corporate big wigs across the globe are always looking for new assistants. If you think your organizational skills and corporate talent could be put to use, try becoming an online administrative assistant. Book your client’s airfare and all of the other things that can be done online.
  • Essay Editor: Desperate college kids will pay pretty much anything to have their essay whipped into shape. If you have an English background, consider selling your editing and revision services on local college campuses. But when things get good, stay away from actually writing essays as that will get you nowhere fast.
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