How To Find The Right Guy For Your Job!

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There is no way that you are not familiar with the term freelancing. Especially if you belong to this field of web designing and development, even big companies sometime prefer hiring freelancer despite of having many employees to do the particular job. A freelancer is an independent worker who might not be an employee of the company but would do the job for money, more specifically for a less amount of money.

Just because their work come cheap, there is no need to think that their work have to compromise with the quality, a good freelancer has the potential to produce a quality work , you just need to find that right guy for your job! You can find freelancer for almost everything, let it be content writing, web designing, development, internet marketing, site maintenance what ever it might be, if it’s related to web then there has to be someone who would do the job for you.

Need less to say that this is the reason why the companies are now hiring more freelancer than ever, think about this, you have to pay less, you don’t have to provide the facilities which a normal employee gets, you don’t have to pay compensation, no insurance , no contracts nothing.. it works on a very simple logic, “you work for me, I pay for your work” .

Where Do you Find Freelancers?

So where to find them? There are many sites that allow people to post their job requirements and to be seen by the freelancers, the freelancers then bid and you can contact any one of them to do your job, these freelancers are mainly from less industrialized nations, where wages are less than what they are in more developed countries, thus your cost of the project becomes less.

But the main problem is that these sites have a poor rating system to rate a freelancer, most of the time it only incorporates a system where you can rate a freelancer with number, instead of taking other factors into account, like the complexity of the project he/she has done. This often misleads other web masters who are also looking for freelancers.

It’s very important to provide the information about the complexity of the project that has already been accomplished by the freelancer, sometimes a freelancer can be good with simple projects but it could be difficult for him to handle more complex project and that’s why it’s important to provide this additional information so that the wastage of time could be avoided on both side.

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It’s a bit tricky job to find a good freelancer but of course we can find ways to make it little easier.

Avoid posting budget- If it’s about designing a logo or a brochure then probably it’s a good way to post your budget, because a good designer from any part of the world would do the job, but say, if it’s about writing a sales letter for your Canadian audience? Do you think a freelancer from China or Philippine would do as good job as a native Canadian? Probably not but hiring a Canadian writer would definitely cost you higher, but spending less can compromise with the quality in this case.

Don’t let it be out of your expertise- So you are not an expert in that particular type of job, but you must have basic knowledge about the job you are hiring for, in this way you can know if the one you are hiring fits the job.

Most of the sites provide massage board so that you can have conversation with freelancers, there you can ask for their work samples. Content writers and designers would be able to show the samples of their work but it’s not possible for the developers and marketers to do so, in that case you can ask for references unless they are already rated by other webmasters.

Start with a small project- It’s always a good idea to assign a small project to your freelancer if you are not sure about his/her skill, this could be seen as a test and after the job is done you can make a decision whether to hire that person for the big project or not.

Let me be frank here, you are looking for some one who would do your job at a much smaller price, thus increasing your profit. But everything has got it’s own price and hiring freelancer is no exception, so if you experience failure to find the right guy for your job at first, don’t loose hope , it’s a part of the business!

About the Author :Jesson is an experienced web designer and a freelance article writer as well. He also provides e commerce solution and design services to his clients, he has also written many articles about e commerce design, new york web design, web designing tips Ecommerce Web Designer and many more.

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