How To Design a Website and Beat Your Competitors to The Game

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Design a Website

Are you considering taking your online business to the next level? Are you thinking of how to manage your internet business successfully and cut cost as much as possible? One place to start from is to learn how to design a website, then build and manage your own site effectively and efficiently.

Having a good business online is one thing, but having a well managed website through which your business is run is another thing entirely. Take a few moments to visit some of the best websites and blogs online and you will discover they are well designed, well coded and highly optimized for both human and the search engines.

If you want to grow fast you need to have some basic knowledge about how things work and how you can do whatever you want to without necessarily waiting for a professional to handle everything for you (that can really cost you money). It doesn’t matter what kind of site you want – professional blog, personal blog; ecommerce, business, fitness, health, web design, sports, news, blogging or other internet related sites. You need to have the skills to handle the minor tweaking that have to be done from time to time.

Where Do You Start From?

1.Learn HTML: HTML simply stands for “HyperText Markup Language”, which is the language for displaying pages and other information on your browser. It is the bedrock of the websites. You can learn this language free of charge online. Some of the sites that offer free HTML and other tutorials include:,,,,,, etc. When you finish learning this in few months, you will discover it is actually easy to design a website yourself.

2.Hire a Pro:

You are too busy to do the HTML work yourself? Why not hire a professional to do the job for you? It can be expensive to do so. However, there are sites where you can get professional website designers for a cheap price. You can get cheap services at,,,,,, etc.

3.Start a Blog:

You want to start immediately because time is precious to you, yet you don’t have knowledge of HTML? My advice? Start a blog on a free blogging platform like Blogger and begin to learn gradually from there how things work. It is usually easier to learn to do some of those tweaking when you use Blogger as your blogging platform. This is where I started from before trying my hands on wordpress.

4.Visit other blogs:

One good way to become a good website designer is for you to visit other people’s sites and see what makes them attractive. When you see those attractive features, try and fathom how it is done and apply it to your blog. Also try and visit tutorial websites to learn how to apply some scripts/codes to your site to make them more interactive. You can learn from them how to add important gadgets and widgets to your blog or site.

5.Add special features:

After you design a website or blog, there is need to add special features that would make it human friendly. In order to beautiful it, you can get free products from sites like,,,,,, etc. When you do a proper website configuration, your traffic would grow in no distant time


You can learn to make your own website and take your online business to the next level without spending a fortune to do so. Your determination can be a driving force that you need to propel you into learning the rudiments of website design.

Whereby you do not have the time to do things yourself, you can hire the services of a freelancer to bring your dream to reality. This can be achieved through getting the cheap services of a professional who can still deliver quality job even though the service is cheap

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