How Facebook Should Be Part of Your Blog Strategy

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Strategy is the most important thing when dealing with your blog. If you have a strategy that is flexible then you will be prepared to make changes within any part of that strategy. Most people will have several facets of a strategy. Some include: blog, social media, forums and many more. Two of the areas of focus here will be blog and social media strategy specifically, Facebook.

First, Let us look at how to create a blog strategy. The starting point of a strategy should include what the goal of your blog is about. To be more specific, if you wanted to focus on an area of birthday parties, or model airplanes, or even do it yourself projects.

You would need to know how familiar you are in that area. If you are not too familiar then it gives you an opportunity to do research and find out more information. Writing a blog and not being familiar with what you are talking about may not look the best to readers that may be more familiar with it.

Secondly, social media SEO as part of that strategy is very important. In today’s world there are several ways to help communicate to people all over using social media. Facebook has grown exponentially since its launch in 2004. Currently, there are over 900 million users and it’s still growing. Posting your blog onto Facebook can be a great way to get a lot of eyes looking at it in a short amount of time.

Next, if you were to put Facebook into a smaller perspective and how it works for your blog, this is the best explanation. You have a great blog that you have written that is about the topic we discussed earlier, birthday parties, or model airplanes, or even “do-it-yourself” projects. What you then do is place the blog link on your Facebook page with a little teaser sentence about your blog. What this will do is give your friends a little glimpse of what the blog is about prior to them reading the entire thing.

According to Krista LaRiviere of SEO Evolution, “Google and Bing crawl and index Facebook Pages because they are publicly available. As a result, Facebook Pages do indeed come up in the search engine results pages”. This means that when all your friends are posting your blog as a favorite link or sharing it, it helps with your blog getting more publicity online.

Another thing she stated that is really helpful is: “The ‘like’ button is the new backlink”. This is great for other people along with your friends that like the blog, maybe a friend of a friend and so on. This will help with backlinks going to your blog and will also help with promotion.

Therefore, the amount of information that is collected on Facebook’s site is massive. With the amount of people posting links to websites, blogs, videos and general posts, this is a great avenue to toss your own blog in and let the Facebook waters take it away.

You never know how much traffic one post on Facebook would drive to your blog. If you have the proper strategy in order for your blog, and using Facebook as a tool to help promote your blog then you should see some great results for yourself and your hard work.

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