Google At It Again – To Shut Down iGoogle

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Google will never cease to be enmeshed in controversies. The latest controversy? Google has decided to shut down iGoogle by November 2013, thereby making it unavailable to its teeming users thenceforth. The internet giant feels the service is no longer relevant because it does not in any way improve its productivity. This news has come as a rude shock to those who have been using it for a long time now.

Google seems to be playing on the intelligence of its users from time to time as it keep bringing up programmes that look promising and the moment people begin to patronize them, they are abruptly ended without tangible reasons.

Apart from shutting down iGoogle, Google also announced it was closing down The Google Mini, Google Video, Google talk Chatback and Google Symbian search App. Of all the products to be shut down, iGoogle users seem to be most affected as they are already expressing their displeasure over the decision.

Since Larry Page came back as the CEO in April 2011, Google has shut down the following services: Google Friend Connect (for non-Blogger sites), Jaiku, Knol, Google Wave, Google Health, Google Desktop, Google Maps API for Flash, Google Notebook, Google Gears, Google Labs, Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal (REC), Google Search Timeline, Google pack, Sidewiki, Needlebase, Urchin, Image Labeler, Picnik, Subscribed Links and Social Graph API.

Other services that have been shut down include Google Web Security, Fast Flip, Google message Continuity, Aardvark, Slide, Super Poke Pets, University Research Program for Google Search (API access to Google Search results) and Realtime Search.

What Do You Know About iGoogle?

iGoogle was launched in 2005 as Google’s custom homepage, enabling users to add gadgets, weather forecasts, horoscope, news updates, photos and stuff from across the web. As at February 2007, about 7.1 million people were already using iGoogle.

But why should it be closed down?

Several reasons could be advanced for Google’s decision to close down the service. One of them being that the service was not upgraded in the past years even in the face of the Panda and Penguin updates which eventually led to it being outdated.

Another reason is that new technological advancements in the social media, coupled with the development of Google+ led to iGoogle being completely neglected and overshadowed thereby making it lose its relevance.

It is understandable that most of these products and services are free; but Google should also think about the effect the abrupt withdrawal of these services has on the end users, especially after they have used them for a very long time and have eventually fallen in love with them. Even though everybody is not using iGoogle, there are still those who can hardly do without it. The internet giant needs to reconsider its stance and perhaps rescind the decision it has taken.

Do you think shutting down these services randomly by Google is justifiable? Should we let iGoogle go or should we not? What is your opinion on this? Kindly share your opinion with us and with other users.

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