Top 10 Strategies for Building Up Your Blog’s Page Rank

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Building up a blog’s PageRank isn’t as difficult as people think. It’s all about getting the right backlinks, and there are many strategies to get backlinks to point to your blog. These 10 strategies will show you how to increase your PageRank by the next Google update.

Make Interesting Posts

There are too many amateur blogs full of boring posts that just cover the same basic subjects over and over again. If you want to get backlinks, then you need to make interesting posts that would actually intrigue readers. This is the best way to get natural backlinks, and it will build a loyal readership around your blog.

Good Blog Architecture:

Blog architecture also matters when it comes to blog’s PageRank. If you have poor architecture, then only one or two of your pages will get a PageRank upgrade. A good and simple architecture will let the PageRank flow through your blog website, and most of your pages will get an upgrade. This is done through interlinking, and by making it easy for people to get from one page to the next.

Get Good Links:

If you are the type to go out and get your own links, then you should look for the right links for your blog. The only links that will help your PageRank are high PageRank links that have a DoFollow attribute. You can get these from some article directories, social bookmarking websites and through blog commenting.

Guest Posting:

Making a guest post on another blog has been a powerful strategy used by bloggers for years to get more traffic. It can also help your PageRank. If the blog has a high PageRank, then the link you get from it will improve your website. You will also get backlinks from the incoming traffic if your blog delivers quality posts to the new readers.

Use Fewer Outbound Links:

Outbound links (OBLs) are links that are going from your website to an external one. Having one or two on your blog post is fine, and Google expects to see this. It becomes a problem when you have 20 or more. Google has found out that most pages with a large number of OBLs often don’t have quality content, so that has caused Google to reduce the PageRank of websites like this. Use fewer OBLs for a better rank.

Social Media:

Social media has recently become a direct force in determining your rank and b;og’s PageRank. Just share some of your posts on Facebook and Twitter, and put some social media buttons on your blog.

Different Website Links

Try to get backlinks from different websites for your blog. One of the factors involved in PageRank is the number of different websites linking to you. Having 20 links from 20 different websites is better than 20 links from one website.

Good Link Exchanging:

This is an old marketing method that can kill your PageRank if done incorrectly, but it can help if done in the right way. Find a blog that is in your niche that has a good PageRank. Ask the person for a link exchange. This means that you link to his page, and he links to you. Just make sure that the external blog is relevant to your niche. You can use the services of a site like – Free Submission and Ping Service to increase backlinks to your site.

Fix Broken Links:

Sometimes one of your pages will go down, or an external website you link to no longer works. This creates a broken link. A few broken links isn’t bad, but they can affect your blog’s PageRank. Go through your blog and fix or remove any broken links. There are several plugins to help with this problem.

Never Buy Links

You may feel tempted to buy some good backlinks if you want a good PageRank. While you might be able to get some good links with a bit of money, you should know that Google hates this practice. It will often reduce your PageRank in retaliation if they find out, so it’s best not to buy links.


Getting a better PageRank can take some work, but it’s definitely worth it. This can increase your rank, and it shows readers that your blog is trustworthy. Just use these 10 strategies, and you should have no problem upgrading your PageRank when Google releases the next update.

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