How Can Email Marketers Benefit From Shopping Card Abandonment?

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E-commerce is thriving, but not every consumer finishes the purchasing process. According to research, 7-in-10 shopping carts are abandoned before the visitors complete their purchase. Recent statistics show that the rate is getting even higher. This is known as shopping cart abandonment, and while common, it is something that all email marketers need to stay on top of. Why? Because if you don’t, then you are essentially leaving money on the table.

Email marketers must be proactive in their approach to monitoring shopping cart abandonment. Following are some helpful tips for reducing the dreaded phenomenon, and driving more of the conversions you’re after.

Re-engage the Visitor
The worst thing you can do about this problem is nothing at all. Instead of letting a potential buyer walk away, you should focus on remarketing by re-engaging them via direct mail. So what should this re-engagement plan consist? Well for one, you want to make sure you get in touch with the visitor who sailed out on your shopping cart as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely they are to lose interest and move on. Aside from acting fast, you need to give them the confidence that they are indeed making the right choice by purchasing your product or service.

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse
So how do you assure an unsure potential customer that shopping with you is the way to go? You could summarize the benefits of the item they left in the cart, but that does not always work. When times get tough, never hesitate to pull the incentive card. Perhaps the visitor wasn’t sure if they were getting a real bargain on the printer they considered buying from you. However, if you knock off 10% or throw in a free ink tank, they may not be able to resist. Play this game on an individual basis; target the right shoppers with the right content, and you might get them to change their minds.

Exercise a Little Patience
Like I said, you want to move fast to make sure the person who abandoned your shopping cart doesn’t completely lose interest or worst – decide to shop with one of your competitors. With that said, you don’t want to give up on them too fast. The tempting incentive is not guaranteed to work, but that potential customer is still on your list, and therefore, is still a valuable prospect. Experts recommend waiting at least 60 days before you give up on re-engagement and axe them from your strategy.

Shopping cart abandonment happens both online and offline. Judging from statistics on the matter, it is happening online much more frequently. Email marketers are in position to make sure it happens as less as possible. With a well designed re-engagement strategy, clever marketing pitch, and a little determination, you can make sure more of your visitors go all the way.

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Chiko Noguchi is a best practices activist and advocate for a leading provider of email marketing services.

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