Top 5 SEO Plugins For WordPress

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Getting your blog noticed is hard, but there are some SEO plugins around that can really improve your SERPs. Some of these plugins will be easy to use, but others will require a more advanced touch. Here are the five best WordPress SEO plugins to get you ranked faster and better.

All in One SEO
This is by far the most popular SEO plugin. It can generate meta tags, you can customize and change blog post titles, you are able to change the URL structure for better optimization and it does so much more. Perhaps the most impressive thing it can do is integrate with the WordPress ecommerce plugin. All in One SEO is the only one that can give the ecommerce plugin the extra SEO power it needs.

WP SEO by Yoast
This plugin addresses some of the more advanced SEO areas that some other plugins miss. Among its many features, most users enjoy the RSS optimization, XML sitemap generation, instant social integration and breadcrumbs. That’s not even the best thing.

The best feature is the snippet preview. Do you ever wonder what your blog post looks like in Google? WP SEO by Yoast gives you a preview. This makes it easier to customize your post so it really has the best SEO potential.

SEO Smart Links
Everyone knows that internal linking is amazing. It boosts your SEO, and it really improves reader retention. This is especially true with large blogs where users may feel daunted by the huge amount of content.

SEO Smart Links instantly generates these links. If you use a keyword that you have used before in your latest post, then the keyword will instantly turn into a link. This link points to one of your other posts. This takes so much time to do manually, and there is a lot of room for error. Never build a blog without this plugin in your arsenal.

SEO Content Control
Even the most advanced SEO experts trip up every now and then. SEO Content Control will ensure that your posts are only the best. This plugin scans your posts and searches for their weaknesses.

For example, it will search for meta tags and duplicate content. Knowing where these problem areas are will really improve your posts and the blog as a whole. Try it out. There are sure to be some weaknesses in your content, and this plugin will make sure you can fix them up before they cause any more damage.

CBnet Ping Optimizer
Pinging is when you tell a search engine that something has changed on your website. This is supposed to be a good thing, but WordPress goes a little overboard. It pings whenever you change or edit content, or whenever you hit the “Save and Continue Editing” button. This results in a massive amount of pings.

It actually pings so often that Google sometimes erroneously categorizes the blog as a ping spammer. If you know anything about SEO, then you know that means a massive drop in SERPs.

CBnet Ping Optimizer reduces the amount of pings to a manageable amount. This is one of the few times where a reduction in SEO is a good thing.

WordPress is a good system for SEO, but these plugins really push its abilities. Install all five and see how much better your blog does in the search engines. Most people report at least one rank increase in SERPs, and that is the minimal upgrade. Try them out, play around with them and get the traffic your blog deserve.

Author Bio: Rick is a blogger and writer for He has a programming and design background. Presently he writes for AT&T on their television services which can be viewed by going to Att uverse Coupon. He is a self-proclaimed technology and Pc Geek and loves to learn and report about trending topics within the field of technology.

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