Annoying Web Designing Features: What Do They Translate To?

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Everyone is now so concerned about creating great web designs, whether you run an online business or have a site of your own. You got to have the best in order to stand tall in the rivalry. A great web site is capable of redirecting a huge number of traffic towards your site whereas a poorly designed site can cost you to lose a huge number of traffic too.

A lot of things are involved when it’s about fetching traffic. However web design still plays the key roll here because it’s a fact that most of the users have little knowledge about the web world. Therefore you must make sure that they won’t face any difficulty while surfing your website. That means your site should be simply designed as much as possible but at the same time should be great looking and eye catchy. But sometimes webmasters do put a lot of efforts to make a great site but in the end all of these just fail and your site loses traffic.

Okay, so let us discuss about annoying web design features, yes there are things that can really make the surfing experience somewhat…annoying. I am pretty much sure that at least for once you have experienced this as well, let’s think about the header, you must have seen sites with flash header and background music, and each time you click on a different page, the flash header again takes time to load and seriously it makes me mad! Flash headers are great, they are eye catchy and cool, but think about those users who are surfing your site with a dial up connection…it will take them forever to see the whole site with such a slow connection, and perhaps they will never return to your site again.

Background music – Are you selling CDs or music DVDs? Is your site about radio or DJ? If your answer is no, then there is no need of using background music. Perhaps the music may sound cool to some of the visitors, but there are also chances that most of them would not like it. Your favorite music may not necessarily be favorite of others; so basically you are making your visitors listen to that music…forcefully, which is BAD.

Pop up windows – Pop up windows are now blocked by most of the browser add-ons. However, webmasters still use them most of the time for selling a product or for showing important info; and this is a bad practice indeed. You can just put that info in the middle of the web site and you won’t have to use pop up again.

Big fonts– In web designing language, it’s called ‘shouting’! Think about it, is your site for people with disability or just a normal site? Why do you have to use big fonts for displaying important information to your visitor? If your answer is the second one then it might not be a good idea. See, people really don’t like if one shouts at them. Keep a normal tone instead.

These are just few of those things that I personally consider to be ‘annoying’. It’s about web designing so the scope of doing experiment is vast; but all your efforts may not seem to be effective all the time. Therefore it’s better to keep it decent.

Author Bio:Dan apart from being an experienced web designer is also a freelance article writer. Although writing is not a part of his profession, he loves to write about Ecommerce Solutions, web design, Ecommerce Web Design, online business etc.

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