8 Causes Of Social Media Failure

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Though it is a cliché, it is really worth remembering that modern business structures should have social media effort within their activities. No business will survive without customers so it will be vital for any business to socially interact with its customers. Needless to say, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are good mediums to use so lots of business organizations use them. But not all businesses succeed in this effort, so let us take a look at 8 reasons for this so we may not commit the same mistakes to maximize social media efforts’ success!

1. Lack of strategy
If you are a sailor and all you think about is the island of destination, then you will surely fail! Like a boat, companies that don’t strategize or plan will surely not succeed. Sailing means knowing first where and how you will exactly sail, knowing which best boat to use, and estimating the length of time of travel to be ready in the journey. Same goes with business and social media. Know why you are engaging in social media and what do you want to get out of it.

Before you begin your quest, ask yourself a few questions like what are your specific goals, and the best and most efficient way of attaining them. Through this, you will be more focused, objective, and to get into better positions to be successful in your efforts. As a start, it will be very helpful to start in the internet using sites like Facebook or Twitter, and finally having your website created and embedded in those social networking sites for maximum exposure and interactions.

2. No measurement
Businessmen or marketers cannot manage the things that they don’t measure. This is very true with respect to social media. You should at all time measure your successes and failures in order to have the necessary adjustments made to maximize chances of positive results. You may conduct surveys within your group to attain statistics, numbers, or data to conclude performance. For your company website, you may use an app like Google Analytics to measure user traffic. Once the data are in your hands, analyze them and do the adjustments!

3. It’s not part of the company culture
Some companies have the pride of a lion. As long as they are doing what they think is right, then they are fine. Always remember that one of your ultimate goals in business will always be customer satisfaction, so it is very important to have open ears to hear their comments or complaints if there are any. Social media will always pave the way for these customer information so this concept should be woven into the fabric of your company culture. Always remember that social media is two-way, that you are willing to respond to criticisms and answer tough questions when necessary. If you insist on pride and maintain that one-way culture, then you will surely set yourself up for failure!

4. Lack of resources Sites like Multiply or Facebook may not require monetary costs but you should invest time and resources for them. Hire or have a part of your team manage your company’s presence on the social web to maintain it. Success in social media is always not an easy or simple task, so be willing to allot the necessary resources or help for it to be supported and maintained all the time.

5. Unrealistic expectations
Most companies are very impatient, and will demand results as soon as possible. Often, the mentality is that the company should be focused on making profit and social media interaction should be done to quickly attain results to further generate more profit. If you only focus on earning alone, chances are you will take fore granted your social media efforts. Your being impatient and thought of social media success will come overnight will get you in trouble. Do not forget that social media is not a sprint, but a marathon which is a long-term strategy for growth. The success of the company goes along with it, and they should be treated as partners.

6. Joining because only of the bandwagon
Do not participate in social media activities just because everyone else does. Know why you want to interact socially and stay firm about your decision. Do not ever do a half-hearted attempt, as doing so will risk poor results that may lead to customer not satisfied, frustrated, and disappointed that may lead to damaging your reputation!

7. No understanding of its purpose Many companies don’t get why in the first place they need to participate in social media. Always remember that the purposes of it will always be to interact with your customers, generate all sorts of conversations, and attain and maintain followers and keep them always engaged to be on top of the game. It will not be enough to have a Facebook page or website; understand their purpose and always update them to accomplish that purpose. Knowing the purpose will help in step number 1 that we have discussed which to strategize.

8. No management on a consistent and regular basis
Laziness and not paying enough attention to your audiences will surely damage your social media efforts. Just because you finished building it does not mean that it will draw attention and interactions. As a general rule, social media pages should be updated around 3 times a week to ensure up to date data and information about the business. Consistently add blogs too, and tweak your website regularly to reflect a refreshing feeling to it.

So there you have it! Social media effort is like your boat’s sails. You won’t go anywhere without it so always take it into consideration! Go over these 8 reasons and do the opposite and you will surely have a smooth sailing towards your destination!

Author bio: Alexis Thompson is a former Mountain Backpacker, Real Estate Sales Personnel and a 26 year old mother of 2 daughters, Sophie and Rhian. She is into almost all types of Music especially The Fray and Hillsong. She also has a passion in Singing and Scrap Booking. Follow her escapades on her Twitter.

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