5 Successful Social Media Campaigns and What You Can Learn From Them

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“It’s a small world” is indeed the right phrase to describe the changes seen with the advent of technology. The turn of the century has seen multiple technological advancements. Internet is one of these which has changed the way the world operates. It has a wide reach and has become a part of day to day routine for a lot of people. The introduction of social network websites has changed the way people communicate with friends and family and enables everyone to stay in touch easily and constantly. Subsequently, there has been a shift in the media used by marketing campaigns to reach the targeted audience.

These days, social media campaigns are looked at as one of the best ways to advertise a cause, product or service as these campaigns allow direct interaction with the audience. Social media campaigns also offer a portal to gauge the reaction of the masses to the subject of the campaign within a very short span of time. And once the campaign has gained momentum, it becomes a comparatively inexpensive method of marketing which has a wide reach.

A few social media campaigns have gained attention for the ingenuity and creativity used which helped in gaining increased public attention. Discussed below are some such campaigns which found success thanks to social media marketing.

1. The 2008 United States Presidential Election:

The 2008 United States Presidential elections saw the use of social media network to its maximum advantage. The Twitter and Facebook pages of Democratic candidate and the current president, Barrack Obama, saw frequent updates and constant interaction with the followers. The use of social media campaign allowed the Democratic Party to use email campaigns to ask for votes. As per the statistics, the Democratic Party social media campaign had 5 million friends on different social network websites, 13 million email subscribers and 3 million online donors.

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2. Old Spice “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign social media marketing campaign for Old Spice men’s products showed actor Isaiah Mustafa engaging the viewers in a 30 second monologues about the benefits of using Old Spice products. It shows Isaiah engaged in different activities in different locations, all the while speaking to the consumers. There was a subsequent video released which had Isaiah answering questions received from the viewers. The original video went viral and received 40,000,000 views in a week. Statistics also show that short term sales of Old Spice products had gone up by 107%.

3. The Roller Babies video by Evian:

The “Live Young” campaign for Evian featured video of computer generated babies roller skating and break dancing and back flipping holds the Guinness Book of World record for the most viewed online advertisement to date. With the approximate number of views reaching 61,000,000, this social media campaign has won the title of the most popular online advertisement hands down.

4. Blendtec – Will It Blend Campaign:

The Will It Blend? Campaign shows the company founder, Tom Dickson trying to destroy items starting from baseball and Barbie dolls to an Iphone using the Blendtec Total blender. These fun to watch video series have not just won .Net Magazine’s 2007 Viral video campaign of the year away but has also resulted in a 700% increase in sales figures.

5. #BeatCancer campaign :

This campaign was launched as an attempt to raise funds for various non profit cancer organizations. The sponsors of this campaign, eBay/Paypal and MillerCoors brewing company had promised to donate $.01 to these organizations every time the #BeatCancer tag was mentioned in blog posts, tweets or Facebook status updates.

The success of this campaign lies in the fact that it was able to raise above $70,000 for the different organizations involved which shows the wide reach of social media campaigning.The success of the above mentioned social media campaigns shows that in future, the success of the social media campaigns will measure the successful marketing of the subject of campaign.

Are there other special social media campaign success stories you would like to share with us? Kindly share them with us; other readers would love to hear them. They would go a long way at helping everyone here.

Author Bio:Emily is a blogger with a marketing background in acquiring exclusive VA leads. She is also a self-proclaimed social media junkie and likes to learn more about the industry every chance she can.

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