The New Google Page Rank Update and How to Take Advantage of It

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I have waited with much anxiety to see my baby blog show up in Google page rank. The site is pretty young anyway (just about 4 months old). My expectations were due to the fact that I knew I had done some few things different from the way I used to understand Search engine Optimization (SEO).

Then came 3rd of May 2012 when Google did a minor google page rank update, even though it wasn’t really expected by a lot of website owners. Surprisingly, when I checked this blog on the Google page rank checker, it was ranked page 2 from initial 0. It just moved 2 places up within 4 months of coming online. It was good news for me and all my followers. Apart from this, its Alexa global ranking stood at 305,380, with listings in KR 4,322; IN 116,104; UK 208,731 and USA 930,553.

Usually page rank is graded on a scale of 0-10 with 0 as the lowest and 10 the highest. We have now started by jumping to rank 2 from 0. That is a major milestone for us. Some of my other sites received a boost as well. Sportingmenu dot com moved up to page rank 2 from 0.

What did I do different this time?
Some things were done differently this time that were responsible for this major change.
1. Unique content: The content of our blog has remained unique from inception, making sure that visitors had a reason to pay a visit again after their first one.

2. Design: Business Success Guide was designed with customers’ satisfaction in mind. This time around a custom template different from the ones provided by blogger was used to make it unique and visually appealing to our visitors. The menu bar, about us, Sitemap, etc were all properly positioned for better search engines and human navigations.

3. SEO: We also thought about Search Engine Optimization and made sure that the basic things needed to enable the search engine spiders crawl our website without much difficulty were put in place. We also tried as much as possible to adhere to the basic HTML rules, article headings, subheadings, etc. So with the current Google page rank update, we reaped the dividends of our hardwork.

4. Backlinks: We built back links and ensured we did not go to link farms to get in-coming links. The only links we built were from reputable sites and authority sites. I personally wrote and submitted quality articles to some high ranking blogs and got recommended to Google by these sites. So in the latest Google page rank update, we were remembered and favoured.

5. Regularity: Our articles have been published regularly ever since we started. First they were done daily the first few weeks and then we later continued to publish on alternate days. We made sure our posts were done about the same time each time they were published to enable search engine robots predict accurately when to have updates on our site.

6. Sitemap Submission: We generated and submitted our sitemap to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc and made sure we also resubmitted each time we had new posts on our site.

If you do things just as mentioned above and also add your own personal experiences, I am sure your site ranking would improve in no distant time. Even if the result doesn’t come immediately, you need to be consistent and it would come sooner than you expect.

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