Key to Unlock the Lock of Online Trading

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Nowadays a lot of folks think that e commerce web site designing means only color, attractive styles and looks, they don’t think about improving the user experience quality, and maybe that’s the reason why there are only few successful e commerce sites taking control over the online shopping market, because they thought differently and out of the box. Online trading is now a hot topic and you can find tips about making a great e commerce site here and there, but by having a close look at some successful e commerce sites you can easily find out the tricks which made their site so popular.

It’s not only about the design lay out, yes it’s required but how the visitor can interact with your site is more important, for an example if your site is very attractive to look, visitor will come but if the visitor finds out that there is insufficient contact information or no contact information at all then it might be the last time the visitor is on your site.

Also it can affect your brand image as people might suspect your site as a cheat site. Talking about the brand image many people think that brand is all about the company logo, it’s more than that, Think about the Google, everyone knows how the Google logo looks like because, to many of us, the meaning of internet is Google, it’s popular that’s why everyone knows about how Google logo looks like, it’s has a brand because of its service not the logo.

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Your site can be a medium to make one to one contact with the visitors, how about adding a forum section or a chatting room? Direct interaction can add a lot of value to your e commerce web site and also it helps to build up a relationship with the visitors which if maintained properly, can really play big role in making your brand image.

Graphics is important but they need not be large as it can make the site ‘heavy’ and slow, as there is a large amount of people who connect to the internet with slow modem connections, letting them go away means losing a huge amount of business.

In most of the e commerce sites, visitors need to provide their personal information, phone number, e mail address, credit card information and all it does is discouraging the visitor before he makes a purchase order.

Trust is the word which is the most important thing in online business, you always have to remember that the visitor is making a purchase order without having a chance to examine the product physically, there will always be a ‘if’ in their mind unless you provide something to boost their confidence level, how about implementing a refund policy? It works!

These are just some few of the many issues that can really help your e commerce site stand the tough competition. And when I say ‘tough’ it really is.

Author Bio:Dan apart from being a freelance article writer, is also an experienced web designer. He has written several articles on Web Design New York, e commerce solutions, Ecommerce Website Design etc.

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