How You can use The Google Drive to Improve Your Blog and get More Traffic

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Google recently launched its online file storage service, Google Drive, for uploading, safekeeping and sharing of special files, images and videos. It is a service that a lot of online users have been eagerly expecting because of the great potential it holds for their businesses, websites, blogs, etc.

The launch of this online service has been received with great enthusiasm by writers, bloggers, photographers, web designers, etc. because of the flexibility it provides for you to do your work online without depending on a location based Pc to have your documents stored or protected.

This service is relatively new and so a lot of people are on the waiting list to have their applications approved. The waiting is well worth it because it is a free service and its future is bright. Just submit your gmail to Google and wait to be invited in due course.

How would this help your blog?
This service comes with some important features which you will find very useful in the long run as a blogger or freelance writer. Some of the features include:
1. Storage capacity: Google Drive comes with a storage capacity of 5G free space, enabling you to store a lot of files, documents, pictures, videos, etc for future use or for sharing with friends and professional colleagues.

2. Extra Storage: The 5G free storage space may not suffice you; so you may need to buy extra space from Google. The extra space would only cost some money to maintain per month. 25GB = $2.49 / month
100GB = $4.99 / month
1TB = $24.99 / month
The extra storage you buy is also extended to your Gmail as well thereby enlarging your Gmail available storage space. The extra pictures, graphics and icons you need for your daily blog are well accommodated on the extra space provided you take care of your monthly fees.

3. Multiple files support: They also support different file types such as PDF, image, video files, etc. You can work on any kind of documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and also get notified when people make comment on what you have shared. Working on documents and sharing are made possible because Google Docs is built into Google Drive.

4. Search: It is easy to search for documents you have stored by just typing a text on the scanned document. Google Drive uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to detect text on documents you scanned and uploaded thereby making it possible to sort out when needed. All you need do is just remember a part of the text and use it to find its location. You can also sort out files using keywords.

5. Accessibility: You can access your files, documents and pictures from anywhere in the world, provided there is internet connection. You don’t need to lose sleep over how to carry your PC on your special trips. Travel alone without extra luggage; on getting to your destination check into a cybercafé and log in to work on your documents.

6. Security: You don’t need to fear about theft because your documents are secured. Your contents are well protected from those they are not intended for. You determine those you share your content with, and your files are also kept from malware.

Why not enhance your blog today by trying out the Google Drive? Your images, projects files, videos, MP3, MP4, etc can be organized and saved in a single place to make your work easier and more fluid. It could really change the way your blogging is done and make things unique for your visitors and friends. Better experience at your blog translates to more traffic for you.

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