Four Reasons Why You Should Not Instal MP3 Player on Your Blog

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MP3 Player

I have visited so many websites and blogs and found several of them a fun place to be while some others were simply disgusting and annoying sights. I also found out that from experience, those interesting sites had more traffic and by extension more revenue. Visitors to such places find it more relaxing to be there and also love to come back again.
People who visit well optimized blogs stay longer there and even visit more pages each time they are there. But the reverse is the case for poorly optimized ones as visitors are always in a haste to close their browsers and get out. The reason is the site is simply boring and annoying.
One of the few things that make a site boring to some visitors is the presence of an MP3 player installed on it. We shall soon find out why. The intention of the person who installed it is to make sure that visitors have a swell time while there. Unfortunately in some cases it turns out to produce the opposite result. Why?
1. It’s annoying: Some of them are installed with the option to play automatically as soon as someone enters the site. Somebody who is not in the mood to listen to music that moment suddenly gets his tympanic membrane bombarded by the music he does not want to hear. What happens next? He simply hits the ‘Back’ button and leaves the blog.

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2. Distracting: Somebody comes to your blog for business and that is the only thing he has in mind. He wants to concentrate and get enough information from there. But as soon as he arrives at your site he is greeted by music that makes him unable to concentrate. He would obviously be angered and leave.
3. Your page speed: Coupled with other scripts on your site, installation of MP3 player could make your page speed to become slower. They are dependent on files and when the files become heavy they can slow down your site making visitors to abandon it before it fully loads. Excessively slow sites are also penalized by Google. I am sure you know that already.
4. Malware: It can also be a source of infecting your site with malicious software (malware) and jeopardize all your efforts. If your blog is infected, its security can as well be compromised.
If you intend to install an MP3 player on your blog, you should be sure the advantages of doing so far outweigh the disadvantages. Be sure you trust the source of the files, and also make sure it is not turned to automatic play. Your visitors must have the option of turning it on themselves if they wish to.

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