Five Great Ways to Make Your Brand Unforgetable

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Building a brand or image for your business isn’t just about public relations; it reflects what you hope to accomplish and how you’re going to do it. Every action taken by your company sends a message, and when most people think about brand-building, they think of a clever TV or Internet ad. However, advertising is one of the least effective and most costly marketing approaches, use any or all of these tips to build a memorable brand.

1. Make it pleasing to the eye. If you create an attractive, strong physical impression, your business will look more credible, and potential customers will want to find out what you have to offer. Whether you have a brochure, a website, or you’re handing out promotional gifts, you should match their look to your business type.

2. Encourage customers to recommend your business to friends and family. This is probably the single best way to get new customers, because there’s nothing more powerful than an endorsement from a relative or friend. Referral exchanges can accomplish much the same goal; if you find yourself frequently referring people to a related business, or if others are referring clients to you, ask if you can set up an exchange. Start by putting cards or brochures in their office or storefront, and putting their materials in yours. You could also consider offering a referral rewards program; happy customers are the best source of free advertising!

3. List your business in a variety of places. It’s usually either free or low-cost, unlike advertising, and it’s one of the easiest ways to get people in the door. Of course there are places like your local Chamber of Commerce or the telephone book, but you shouldn’t overlook the not-so-obvious places, such as social media outlets.

4. Keep a customer database. Someone who has used your business once will almost certainly use it again, if they were satisfied with the experience. Maintaining a mailing or email list is a lot less expensive than building one from scratch. Ask your customers if they’d like to add their name and contact information so that they can receive special offers; mail and email ad campaigns are more effective when they’re targeted to people who have already opted in.

5. Put together a marketing plan. A good plan should outline your mission, and it should include analyses of your competitors and the market, along with marketing objectives and ideas. How will you market your business and build your brand— will you build a website, issue press releases, or hand out printed mugs? Your marketing plan should include a budget and performance goals, and the steps you’ll need to take in order to meet them.

Branding your business is an ever-changing process; what works for one situation may not work for another. To create a brand that won’t soon be forgotten, don’t give away everything up front. Use the tips given here to generate interest, and allow your customers to find out more for themselves, they’ll be much more likely to tell others what they’ve found.

Author Bio:This post was written by James Harper on behalf of UK PrintPrice who produce promotional gifts such as printed mugs to help enforce your brand identity.

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