7 Innovative Ways to Reward Your Employees

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Most employees would rather be rewarded with enhanced benefits and salary increases, but due to the state of the economy, that’s not always possible. There are other ways for employers to reward their staff, and boost morale without breaking the bank. Here are some creative ways to reward and recognize employees.

1.Put together an awards ceremony to recognize staff achievements and effort. At the same time you’re awarding plaques and trophies, take a few moments to praise your employees for their work. If practical, you can arrange a reception or a dinner party to mark the occasion.

2.Allow your best employees to enjoy the benefits of flex time. The Internet makes it easy for workers to do their jobs from home, and giving them the option to do so is a good way to reward them for all their hard work. Flex time shows that you care about your employees’ work/life balance, and that you trust them to do their jobs with a minimum of supervision.

3.Set up regular incentives to reward staff members who meet performance and other goals. Set a budget for the program, and ask your employees how they believe the money should be spent. Electronic gadgets, gift certificates, and even additional vacation days can all be used as rewards and incentives for top-performing employees.

4.Team building and leadership development can reward employees while furthering their communication skills. Team building can take many forms, such as trips to sporting events, hunting expeditions, or specialist executive coaching retreats, and it can allow workers to communicate on levels that are sometimes impossible to accomplish in the office environment.

5.Celebrate birthdays— it may sound silly, but no matter how old a worker is, they’ll still enjoy celebrating a birthday. Some companies hold a party every few weeks to say “happy birthday” to all workers who’ve had a birthday that month, and others choose to give their workers a paid day off.

6.Lighten the mood a little. Your employees shouldn’t feel like mindless drones; yes, they have a job to do, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun. Being a hard taskmaster will only create resentment and decrease productivity— reward your employees by creating a more relaxed, fun work environment.

7.Help your workers further their careers. As soon as a worker feels as if they’re stuck, they’ll begin to feel dissatisfaction with their job; they’ll stop taking their work seriously and a decline in performance will be the end result. You need to find ways to let your employees further their job skills, even if it could potentially lead to their departure.

Happy employees are more productive, and rewarding them regularly will keep morale high. Use the strategies we’ve given to let your employees know that you value their contributions to your company, and productivity will almost certainly rise as a result.

Author Bio:This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Performance1 who organises leadership development courses and specialist executive coaching retreats. To find out more please visit Performance1.

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