6 Steps to Determine the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaign

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A very good marketing campaign can result in increasing the revenue for any business. It also gives good brand recognition and generates a larger customer database. Any successful marketing campaign will help the company improve its branding and establish an emotional bonding with their customers. Branding is basically aimed at creating an environment where the company’s product is easily identified by the public and thus result in increased sales. By using techniques to measure the effectiveness of your campaign you can take decisions as to which of them to continue and which ones to drop. And thus you can use your time and money effectively on marketing campaigns.

Steps to measure the results of your campaign
1. Analyse Online Statistics: Most campaigns leads the customers directly to the company’s website and so it is essential to keep track of the viewer statistics. Google Analytics is one such tool which allows you to monitor the traffic to your website. It also provides data on the bounce rate and the total number of pages viewed by each visitor. If the traffic increases drastically after a particular campaign it is a sign that the campaign has been well received. This tool will also indicate the website through which the visitors were directed to your site and thereby allowing you to plan which online advertisements to repeat.

2. Email survey: You can send out emails and conduct an online survey. You can ask them whether they have noticed your promotions and also about the features of your product. You can even reward them for their answers. This is a very useful way to determine the effectiveness of your campaign as you are making your decisions based on the direct customer response.

3. Getting feedback through order forms: You can include a column in your order form about the reasons of the purchase. It is a very effective way because you are directly posing the question to the customer when he is placing the order. You can ask him which campaign (among your various promotional efforts) convinced him to make the purchase or how did he learnt about your company.

4. Compare various sales data: The aim of any campaign is to increase sales and it is deemed to be effective only when it achieves this goal. So a simple way of determining the success of a campaign is to measure the sales happened as a result of it. Make note of the amount of sales happened prior to the launch of the campaign and compare it with the data of sales after the campaign was launched. If there is a significant increase in sales then your campaign can be termed successful. Some campaigns might not produce immediate results but may aid in long term brand building. In this case analysis of sales data should be carried on over a longer period of time.

5. Use Coupon codes: If your campaign is published in a print media you can include coupon codes and ask the customer to bring the code along while making purchase. And use a separate code for every ad you place in various publications and instruct the customer to enter the code to avail the discount. This will help in tracking the source of the ad and in determining how much sales each source has generated.

6. Questionnaire: Send out a questionnaire to your available customer database and you can offer some rewards for customers who fill them. The questionnaire can have questions regarding your various advertisements and what is the opinion of the customer regarding each. You can also ask them ideas for improving the campaign.

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