How to Import Your Feedburner Subscribers List into Your Business Autoresponder

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Your email list is the heart of your online business; you need it to be able to reach out to your numerous subscribers and to intimate them on the latest developments on your blog or website. Several blog owners are finding it very difficult to disseminate information across to their followers because they don’t have a personalized way to do so.

As a small business owner, you may have a lot of people subscribing to your feedburner but if there is no way to import this list to your business autoresponder, communication would be impaired. Nevertheless, our tutorial today is going to show us how to successfully take care of this handicap and improve the way we pass information across to those who do business with us online.

Here are the steps you should take:
1.Login to your Feedburner account
2.Click on the particular feed you want to import to your autoresponder (if you have several feeds)
3.Click on ‘Subscribers’. You will find this on the left sidebar under ‘feed stats’.

4.Click on ‘Feedburner email subscription’

5.Then ‘Manage your Email subscriber list’. Your subscribers and their email addresses would be shown to you (including the Active and Unverified ones). The active are those who have already confirmed their email addresses and the unverified are those who have not.

6.Then click on ‘Export CSV’. This is a format which the computer uses to store the file so as to make it easier to tabulate them and export to whatever account you want to.

7.Save the file into your computer. Make sure you remember the name of the file. You may need it for other purposes in the future.

8.Open the CSV file in your computer and filter out the unverified addresses and save only the active ones. This is the ones you really need to export. If you don’t remove the unverified ones, your autoresponder provider may see them as spam especially if they are many; they may not accept to import it into your account.

9.Now login to your autoresponder account. The different providers use different procedures and different platforms. So we are not going to tell you what exactly to do from A to Z, but you need to look out for where your ‘Subscribers’ is located and then click on ‘Import Subscribers’. You follow whatever steps your autoreponder provider would want you to follow. Save your file thereafter and you are done.

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