Is Pinterest Overtaking Twitter and Facebook? Find Out

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Social media are now taking the World Wide Web by storm and everybody seems to be migrating in their direction, because man as a social being, wants to interact with others, have fun and share things of interest. The main avenues to do that right now on the internet are facebook, twitter and pinterest.

While the first two social media sites have been making waves online for the past years and enjoying the patronage of virtually almost everyone, pinterest has become a force to reckon with in the past one year. The coming in on stream of this site is now sending cold shivers down the spines of facebook and twitter.

Why the fear?
Looking at the history of facebook and twitter, you discover they have been there for sometime now and had all the time in the world to grow because there were no stiff competitions anywhere. They grew at their own pace unchallenged; but today everything is changing because there is stiff competition.

Their history

1.Facebook: This social media site was officially launched on 4th of February 2004 and ever since it has grown at a very fast speed. Today Facebook’s unique monthly users are over 845 million. This is estimated to hit 1 billion by August 2012.
2.Twitter: This was created in March 2006 and launched in July 2006 and currently has about 140 Million unique monthly users.
3.Pinterest: Created on 26th Nov. 2009 and officially launched in March 2010. It currently has over 12 million unique monthly users.

The Comparison

Should there be any reason to compare them? Yes, of course, there are reasons to do so. The success the three have achieved and the time it took each to reach where it is today are all important.


Pinterest is only two years old and has 12 million unique monthly users; as at Jan. 2012 its users were just 810,000 daily visitors but by April it has risen to over 10 million U.S unique visitors, making it faster than any independent site in history. Though over 80% of this site’s users are women, men are now beginning to troop to the site in their thousands following the discovery that they could use it to promote their interest, hobbies, events, blogs, etc.

Twitter had only 3 million unique monthly users when it was 2 years old in 2008 and grew at the average rate of 125,000 users per month and 1.5 million per year; but it grew to a total of about 140 million in the next 4 years at an average rate of 2,854,166 users per day and 34,250,000 users per year.

Facebook on the other hand had 7 million unique monthly users when it was 2 years old in 2006, an average of 3.5 million per year. The next 6 years (2012) it hit over 845 million users, an average growth of 139,666,666 per year and 11,638,888 users per month.

What does this mean?
This shows that facebook grew at an average of 3.5M users in the first 2 years; twitter grew at an average of 1.5M users in the first 2 years, but pinterest has surpassed all that, growing at an average rate of 6M users in its first 2 years of launch, almost twice the growth rate of facebook.

What does that translate to?If the explosion in the growth rate of the other two social media sites is anything to go by, it means that by the end of 8 years (same age that facebook is now), pinterest should have a population that is about 1,337,916,666 unique monthly users. Every businessman, blogger, entertainer, etc must begin to think of how to take advantage of this expected growth to promote his brand. It is important that you join the site and establish yourself before the mad rush begins. By the time others realize the importance and begin to troop in, you have already consolidated and several people would be begging to follow you. The more followers you have the better chance you have to have your links shared virally.

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Why not join pinterest today to make more friends, have more followers and let the pinning continue? It provides you an avenue to tell people about what you love, your hobbies, events, interests, blogs, etc. Good luck!

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