Anchor Text and Guest post, Which is More Beneficial for Your Blog Ranking?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for the health of your website or blog; and every business owner must know how best to do it so that his site would end up reaping the benefits. When things are done well, the results are visible within the nearest possible time frame.

There have been debates as to what you really need to improve your blog rank in the eyes of the search engines. When we talk about this topic we must not leave the human traffic out of the picture because the search engines alone cannot give you all you want. So we shall be looking at the topic from both angles.

To start with, an Anchor text is the text you highlight on somebody’s website with a link embedded in it that directs whoever clicks on it to your own website. Usually when you visit somebody’s website and make a comment on his article, you would highlight a keyword and place a link on it back to your site. This usually provides a back link to your site and helps to improve its rating on Google and other search engines.

Guest post on the other hand is when you write an article and submit it to another person’s blog or website for publication. You also leave your link on the “Author Bio” area to enable visitors to that site click and visit yours. This also plays the role of creating a back link to your site and improves your rating in Google as well as other search engines, especially if the site you are linking from is highly rated or respected by the search engines.

Who has an edge?

Having seen both as a way of getting back links, we shall look at who has an advantage and gives your blog the benefit you would love to get.

1. Search Engines: The search engines love to follow both links to your site; but when it comes to having an edge, guest post has it. Consider typing a query on Google search box, the first thing that comes out is a post made on the subject. The anchor text would be given a second position. Why is this so? If you visit somebody’s house, which would you see first, the building or the chairs inside the building? The guest post is like the building while the comment (with the anchor text) is like the chair in side the house.

2. Patience: When it comes to human search, the person who visits your blog or website does not first look for comments and search till the last of them all; rather he looks for article titles, sitemap, articles categories, etc. It is only after he has seen and read your post that the comment under it would make any meanings to him.

3. Authority: The blog post would make you an authority in the sight of readers. They only see you as an opportunist when you leave comments with anchor text linking back to your site. If they had their way they would choose to follow the original writer before considering you who is trying to take advantage of the post. More so, when the blog is a highly respected and restricted one, visitors see you as one who knows his onions to have been considered to write for such reputable site.

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4. Acceptance: A blog owner would easily give you the opportunity to do a guest post on his site especially if he is the very busy type who also needs to keep his blog updated at all times. He sees you as an asset to his blog if you are a very good writer. But it is not so for one who is going there to comment on what others have written.

5. Spamming: It is easier to spam using the anchor text than using the guest post. Often times you see people making comments just because they want a back link to their website. The anchor text they add to their comment may not in anyway be connected with the topic of discussion. But for the guest post, the blog owner screens his article thoroughly and re-edits it before publishing. I know that some comments are also screened before they are published.

So when you want to get a back link to your blog, you must remember that it is not meant for only search engines to visit your sites; it is also supposed to lead more human traffic (More important) who end up patronizing your products. Anchor text is nice if you don’t have the time and the skill to do a write-up, but if you have the time, consider doing some guest posts.

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