7 Mistakes I Made Before Making My First Dollar Online

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A lot of entrepreneurs, small business owners and writers do the wrong things first when they are starting off online. The mistakes they make end up adding more miles to their journeys before they eventually arrive at their destinations. I was one of those who started with the wrong ideas and as such took the wrong steps toward accomplishing my goals.

Like any other inexperienced businessman, I started by believing that the internet was a place to make it faster than doing a business offline. So I was in a hurry to hit it and go to the bank to deposit the millions of dollar bills I was going to make in the shortest possible time.

So what were those silly mistakes I made?
1.No Mentor: Browsing through the internet and seeing the testimonies of successful entrepreneurs and bloggers spurred me on. I just believed that if those people could make it, I could as well make it. The idea of having someone mentor me never occurred to me. In fact, I never thought it was necessary to have one; I believed I could write and publish then people would begin to flock to my blog the next moment. Little did I know that successful people had mentors who taught them the rules of the game.
2.Rush for Money: As soon as I was able to set up my first blog (it didn’t really take me time to do so) and wrote few articles, the next thing was to rush to Google to get Adsense code for my site; by this time I also had a website. The Adsense application was approved without any hitch. So I placed them where I felt were okay and started to expect the dollars to start rolling in. After about 3 months I was only able to make $0.11 and became completely disappointed. It wasn’t what I expected.
3.No focus: I began to set up several blogs because I was in a hurry to diversify and make more money. I lost focus and began to move from one niche to the other, without having enough time to nurture each site to maturity and success. Whenever I saw something that was paying well, I tried my hands on it. But breakthrough never came.
4.Inconsistency: Because I was pursuing so many things at a time, I became inconsistent at handling the few blogs I set up. There was little or no time to update them each. The blogs began to suffer and their rankings began to drop because the rate at which search engines were crawling the sites began to diminish. This also inadvertently affected the traffic. Since there were no more updates my readers began to look elsewhere.
5.Writing for links: I submitted my articles to virtually every forum I felt could give me a back link without paying attention to the duplicate content stuff. This didn’t help matters either. I didn’t know I was to have modified them before submitting to other websites. It further reduced my rating as my contents were everywhere but all looking the same.
6.Nil social presence: Social media were overlooked because I never knew they had a role to play at helping to fulfil my dream. I never made my presence felt on facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, delicious, mixx, digg, etc. and as such no friends to spread the words about my blogs.
7.No guest posts: I didn’t do guest posts for any other blog or website, neither did I allow same on my blogs too. I believed I could do it all alone. Because of my ignorance the back links I would have generated from writing for other sites were lost. That could have helped to improve my authority in the eyes of Google.

But all that changed when I reappraised my pattern of doing business and made a u-turn. I sought for good mentors, bought good e-books and subscribed to so many good authors like John Calton, Scott Standke, Eben Pagan, Ewen Chia, mark Anastassi, Henri Rosyadi, C.J. Mollo, etc. I changed the way I had approached business on the internet in the past. Then I made my first dollar online. Since then things have taken a new shape for me and am now proud to share my success story with my subscribers.

Several people on the internet today are just like the afore-mentioned picture of me. They are making the same mistakes I made and also getting the same results I got. If you must make it online, you need to re-assess yourself and find out if you are doing really well. Otherwise, you have to change the way you have done things in the past. You also need to get information from those who have made it and find out how their testimonies could be of help to you.

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