6 Important Things You Can promote With Pinterest

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promote with pinterest

We have all seen that Pinterest has come to stay; but the question we must be asking ourselves is what can I promote with pinterest as a social media site? We must not go there to while away our time and also not maximize our visits or memberships.
Everybody is thinking of how to better his/her lot; so you too must not be left out. Whatever legitimate opportunity you have to promote your stuff you have to grab it without wasting a single minute.

So what can we do with pinterest?

The opportunities are there everywhere. Are you a film star, artiste, celebrity, class teacher, blogger, footballer, etc? There are a lot you can do with this rave of the moment website to advance your course or get more people to know about what you’ve got to offer them.
1. Personal Album: Pinterest presents a great opportunity for people especially celebrities to showcase their personal albums. You can use it to direct people to your personal album on Picasa or on Flickr from your pinboard.
2. Grow traffic: Is your blog or website getting enough traffic and generating the income you desire? If not, try and add interesting stuff to it and then link it up to pinterest. When you set up a Pin board on say ‘Interesting blogs’ and you upload some of those interesting graphics or photos from your blog, it would sure attract more traffic to your site and then improve your revenue generation.
3. Personal brand: A lot of people may not know about your facebook fan page, but with pinterest you can better promote your personal brand as a footballer, musician, golfer, artiste, etc. Just set up a pin board with the title “My updates, my fan page, my favorite site, my favorite place, etc” and link it to your Facebook fan page. Each time you update your followers on pinterest are encouraged to visit your page. New signups also get to know more of you as they visit your boards.
4. Teaching: As a class teacher you can also reach several students with your tutorial by encouraging them to visit your “tutorial” board and then pay a visit to your website or any place where your books or lesson materials may have been uploaded to.
5. Friendship: This is one great thing you can promote with pinterest. Get to make friends with people from different parts of the world; with people of different sexes, colours, ethic groups, races and different educational and financial backgrounds, and see the world more as a family than treating people with racial tendencies.
6. Your business: Use it to promote your products and prices to other people as a business man or woman. It is a good platform to let the world know what you produce or the kind of business you are into.

The more you get people to know you and what you have got to offer them, the more they patronize you. While not take advantage of the opportunities presented to you by Pinterest and move your business forward?

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