5 Facebook Practices Capable of Destroying Your Reputation Online

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Facebook was designed with the concept of helping connect with friends and also making new ones online. Businesses later began to get added and it became a place for promoting virtually everything – businesses, communities, groups, websites, blogs, products, personal brand, radio and television stations, etc.

This has really helped a lot of people to rediscover friends they’ve lost contact with for decades; others have also used it to take their struggling business to the next levels and are reaping the dividends of joining the social site. Besides, it has connected several new people and helped them establish a lasting relationship that has led to marriage and other forms of business contracts.

However, there are some practices that users engage themselves in which are capable of harming or destroying the reputation ones has built over the years. These practices have worsened with time because the designers of facebook have not been able to set in place measures to checkmate these practices; or they never felt it was important to do so.

What are these harmful practices?
1.Group invitation: Different types of groups with different ideologies are being formed by the day and friends are added without first obtaining their consent. Some get annoyed but find it difficult to opt out of the groups (especially those who are new to facebook and are not yet familiar with the environment).
2.Tagging: You suddenly get a message from facebook informing you that you’ve been tagged in an album. You may not even know what the album is all about. Most of the times the concept of the album goes against what you believe. And before you opt out a lot of people who know what you stand for would have seen it.
3.Dangerous links: Getting links that are morally debasing and sometimes masking them to make them look something else and sending them to somebody who may never welcome it. A lot of porn videos and some morally corrupt pictures are sent to friends through this same means. They open them and get what they never bargained for. Such person would never want to read your mails, follow your links or want to associate with you anymore in the future.
4.Persistent ads: Now and then you keep receiving notifications from facebook because someone has sent you a link. You open it and find the same annoying ad; this may keep repeating itself so long as he/she remains your friend.
5.Asking for help: Have you ever confirmed somebody as your friend and the next day you have a mail asking for some financial help because the person is broke? Or do you often get mails asking for exchange of emails because the person says she saw your profile and has fallen in love with you? You are then asked to send an email address so the lady’s pictures could be mailed to you.

If you have built an enviable reputation as a businessman, you know what this means to you if you ever get involved in these kinds of harmful facebook practices. They would simply erode the reputation you have built over the years and make people not to trust you or take you serious anymore.

If you must add someone to your group make sure the person’s ideology tallies with that of your group. Furthermore, if the person requests to be removed from the group, you must do that ASAP without any argument or persuasion.

Watch the kinds of links people send to you and be sure they are healthy before passing them on to other friends. Discard the potentially harmful ones. Never try to please your friend and then destroy your own reputation.

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