10 Social Media Sites You Need to Promote Your Small Business

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The internet has become a place of fierce competition and only the well positioned small businesses survive in the long run. How do you move ahead and even grow in the midst of the big and established firms with all the money to spend on advertisement and other forms of publicity when you are on a tight budget or no budget at all?

Social media plays a great role here by helping you take your business to the doorstep of potential customers without asking you to spend a dime to be able to reach those customers with news about your products. All you need to do is create your account and make as many friends as possible. Feed them with your information and they will help you spread it across to their friends.

Though there are several of these social sites online, we are going to concern ourselves with those that can easily help you grow your small business in the nearest possible time.

1.Facebook: Facebook is arguably the most popular and the most frequented social media site with an estimated 800,000,000 unique monthly visitors which is even expected to grow into 1,000,000,000 by August 2012. You can spread the news about your business by creating your business fanpage, group or by joining other groups with same or similar ideology.

2.Twitter: With an estimated 250,000,000 unique monthly visitors, twitter is beginning to find its feet and should no longer be ignored by anyone who wants people to know about his/her business. You also need friends here to tweet your latest information to their friends and spread news about your company like wildfire.

3.LinkedIn: LinkedIn is also becoming an emerging force in the business world. Its unique monthly visitors have grown to about 110,000,000 and you must take advantage of the great opportunity it presents. This site is specially designed with businessmen and job seekers in mind. You can use it to share latest information about your company or also to link up with people with similar businesses.

4.Google Plus: The power of Google+ cannot be underestimated because of the influence its parent company (Google) has on the internet. Within few months of coming on stream, its monthly users have risen to 65,000,000. Google is now using it to link up with existing profiles of its users online. In the next few years, it is sure going to give facebook a run for her money.

5.Myspace: With about 40,000,000 unique monthly users, this site is surely a great tool for you to create more awareness about what you do. It is a place for Music, movies, celebs, TV and games promotion.

6.LiveJournal: Users here share common passion and interest, including sharing business ideas. The site has over 10,000,000 unique monthly visitors and up to 30,000,000 monthly visitors. You simply can’t ignore it and the potential it has for your business.

7.Tagged: With over 100,000,000 members and 25,000,000 monthly visitors, this is another site you can leverage on to take your small business to the next level. You need to make friends and they also would help spread the news about your company.

8.Orkut: This site is also owned by Google and it is designed for users to link up with old friends and also make new ones. The site is very popular in some of the world’s most populous nations like India, Japan and Brazil. You can take advantage of this site to promote your small business. Its estimated unique monthly users is 18,000,000

9.Pinterest: This site now becoming increasingly popular, with about 8,000,000 unique monthly visitors. You create your boards and look for interesting or useful websites to pin to your board. Your followers help to repin your pins just like twitter users would retweet your tweet. You can pin your business URL here and attract users from here to visit your site.

10.Meetup: This is a very interesting site where users are organized into groups for the purpose of promoting the groups’ ideologies. You can find a group by keyword or zip code. Everything you need to promote your group is made available. The site has over 7,000,000 unique monthly visitors.

If you are really serious about taking your small business to greater heights, you must think about taking advantage of these sites to promote your site and let people know what you’ve got to offer them.

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