10 SEO Practices That Can Harm Your Blog Ranking

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The ultimate desire of every blogger is to see his blog rank very well on Google, Alexa, Quantcast and also be crawled regularly by search engine robots. Proper optimization of your site would make this possible. But when some basic issues are not well handled, your site is obviously going to suffer in terms of getting adequate ranking.

When you fail to do the ideal thing or you simply refuse to pay attention to little details, there is the likelihood that you may not get adequate reward for all the effort you put into your site.

If you build your blog without having Search engine Optimization in mind, the consequences are going to be costly because the search robots would refuse to crawl your site thereby making it redundant.

Some of the SEO practices that could possibly harm your site include but are not limited to the following:
1. Link buying: Link buying is certainly one of the bad seo practices. Some site owners are too much in a hurry to have their site ranked on Google page, as such they go about buying links from different sites including the link farms which almighty Google frowns at. Buying a back link from a link farm can seriously damage the reputation of your blog in the sight of google and thereafter lead to a reduction in page rank.

2. Spamming: If you visit some highly ranked or authority sites you will see the kinds of meaningless comments people make in order to get a back link to their sites. Google eventually understands this and punishes the offending site for it.

3. Complex coding: building your blog with complex coding could adversely affect its crawling by search engine robots. This problem arises from the fact that the robots are unable to read certain codes like Javascripts. You must therefore use it sparingly on your site.

4. Irregular posting: When you post irregularly the robots are unable to predict when to visit your blog to get the latest updates. If you are publishing daily, on alternate days, weekly, etc the rhythm must be maintained. If you are also publishing in the mornings or evenings it should be maintained so that the search engine robots can accurately predict when you should have an update. If your postings are irregular your ranking would begin to drop.

5. Linking to dangerous sites: Linking to sites that Google sees as dangerous sites such as porn, hacking, violence, cheat, etc sites would invariably rub off negatively on you and also reduce your page rank because you are seen as a partner in crime.

6. Internal linking: Using a ‘No-follow’ link internally on your blog is seriously frowned at by Google. If you must link from one page to other pages of your blog, then there is no need to use a ‘No-follow’ tag.

7. Excessive keywords: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the more keywords you have in your post the better its chances of being picked by the search engines. Stuffing your articles with excessive keywords would make them spamming. It is advisable to add like a keyword for every 100 words on your article.

8. Moving your blog: If you built your blog using the free subdomain and it begins to rank in page and then you decide to move it to a custom domain and host it somewhere else, the page rank would drop. Even if you host it under blogger, the fact that you changed it from blogspot.com to a .com blog would adversely affect the rank. So before you start off you must think whether you are going to remain with blogspot or you would take the risk to transfer your blog later.

9. Unrelated linking: This is also another way of getting the Google’s gavel. Going to get back links from a site that is at variance with yours is not good for your SEO. Take for instance your site is on football and you go to a business blog to get a back link, it would not help you much.

10. DNS setting: Hosting your blog and wrongly setting its Domain Name Server (DNS) can affect it adversely. It once happened to my site. I wrongly set two DNS records for it and the site began to go off and on until I called the customer care and they told me one of my servers was pointing to my domain host while the other was pointing to the domain registrar’s parked domain. So periodically it would be showing as a parked domain; sometimes it would show as a hosted site and then sometimes it was unavailable.

A properly optimized site can help to boost your Search Engine reputation and as such increase your page rank as well as improve your revenue generation. But bad SEO would definitely harm your blog page rank and reduce your traffic.

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