10 Reasons Why Hostgator is the Best Hosting for Your Blog

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This article became inevitable following the nasty experience I had with one of the domain registrars. I bought a domain name with the registrar and was able to easily pay with my Liberty reserve account because of the issue with visa cards and Paypal in my country. But later on I discovered I had made the mistake of my life.

Managing the domain name became problematic because I could not get the services of the customer care when I had issues to resolve, and to make matters worse, I could not also get in touch with them through my email. Even though I had bought the domain name with my email, each time I tried to contact them they told me they don’t receive emails and that I must login to my control panel to reach them.

The link they were sending to me through their emails were able to log me into my control panel, but the moment I clicked on the “Contact Us” link, my password no longer worked. They also kept telling me no account was associated with my email address. This problem continued until I was able to get help somehow to get my domain name transferred at the point of expiration.

I believe you wouldn’t want to face that kind of problems and hopelessness as a blogger. My experience with hostgator has been so nice and sweet hence I am compelled to share with us why we should register and host our domains with them.

Why should you use Hostgator?
There are several advantages that this platform provides for you as a small business owner and as such you must not afford not to host your blog with the best hosting service on the internet. Some of the benefits of hosting with hostgator include:

1. Excellent Customer Care: Like I mentioned earlier, the major thing that drove me away from the registrar I bought my domain with was because of total absence of customer care service. This is one of the areas where hostgator is a master. Their customer care is excellent and the response time to questions is very fast. They do this through live chat, email and phone. They even give you an opportunity to assess/score their response to your query or problems.

2. Pricing: They are very considerate in their pricing and they have coupons that make it possible for you to get discounts as you buy in bulk. For example if you buy a Single Domain hosting for 1 year you pay $5.56 per month and $66.72 for the full year. But if you buy for 3 years you pay $3.96 monthly and $142.56 for the 3 years, saving a total of $57.60. In order to get $9.94 off the hosting package you purchase, use this coupon code E76LEADSPOT, and to get 20% discount use the coupon WEBMASTER20

3. SEO Optimization: With their Attracta SEO tool, you are able to generate your Sitemap and submit to various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. This helps to improve the Search Engine Optimization of your site. You are also able to check if your site is being blacklisted by Google or not.

4. Backup: They provide backup for your vital files to prevent loosing everything in case your site is hacked or you loose your files by accidents. With the backup you are able to recover those files and not start from the scratch.

5. Build-It-Yourself: Hostgator provides “build-it-yourself” software that enables you build and launch your site even if you are a newbie without the requisite knowledge to build websites.

6. Availability: Your site is guaranteed a 24 hours daily availability without unnecessary interruptions from poor networks or from network failure. Their experienced engineers make sure the site is maintained through the seasons to give satisfaction to customers.

7. Reliability: Hosting over 7 million websites is not a mean job. With the trust they have earned from several webmasters and website owners, new sites are being hosted with them on daily basis. With several categories of awards in their kitty, they continue to wax stronger. The awards they have won are an attestation to the fact they are reliable.

8. Personalized email: You are able to open personalized emails for your site/blog without using the general emails like gmail, yahoo and hotmail. Your email would now look like yourname@yoursitename.com or info@yourdomainname.com etc. Of course you know that your personalized email is more trusted when it comes to doing business transactions online.

9. Control panel: Your site also comes with a free domain name control panel making you to be in total control of your site. You can effect whatever change you want on your site from here. You can also add your subdomain, etc.

10. Free registrar Lock: This functionality ensures that your domain is not accidentally transferred or otherwise. Once your domain name is locked, nobody else can steal or transfer it. It is only you that would be in total control over the whole thing.
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So if you are considering hosting your small business blog or website, hostgator may just be all you need. Give it a try and you will be happier for it. To get $9.94 discount on your hosting package purchase, please use this Coupon Code E76LEADSPOT

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