Top 10 Affiliate programmes I Would recommend to You

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I am not going to waste your time beating about the bush, but would rather go straight to tell you the top 10 affiliate programmes I would recommend for you based on my experience with them. Before I arrived at this conclusion, I put some factors into consideration.
If you have not read my previous article titled “Affiliate Marketing: 9 Things to Consider Before Promoting a Product”, I advise that you read it to understand some of the things I considered before making this recommendation.
1. Clickbank: This is the #1 affiliate marketing sitewhen it comes to digital products. There are thousands of products in different niches which you can promote here. Most of the products sold here are downloadable. It is free to open an account. You get whatever you want to promote from the “marketplace” and you join the programme to generate your affiliate link which you use to promote the products. Several of the products pay as much as 75%. The only drawback here is that some countries are not accepted. However, if you are from the accepted countries, it is a good place to make residual income online.
2. Amazon: This is one of the largest market online where you can make money selling products created by other people. Some of the goods marketed here include electronics, computers, apparels, DVDs, books, videos, music, Grocery, Home, Kitchen and tools, Health, Clothing, shoes and jewelry, etc. You can make a lot of money by directing customers to the Amazon site through your affiliate link. You
3. Life time Commissions: This is a directory of affiliate programmes which enables you choose from the number of available programmes. The beauty of this programme is that they pay you commission for life on any customer you refer to them. You keep receiving recurrent income as long as the customer keeps coming back to buy. You must give this a serious thought because it is one of the best available online. Currently there are 263 programmes in the directory. You have a lot of options to choose from.
4. Commission Junction: This is one of the most reputable affiliate marketing sites with lots of products to promote and make residual income. Sales are well tracked and you get your commissions as and when due.
5. High Profits Affiliate: This is one of the top 10 affiliate programmes I would recommend this for anyone who wants to succeed in internet business. This system is developed by highly experienced marketers. You can benefit by being a member or by being an affiliate.

Several of the products here are in high demand. You can promote MakingYouRicher which provides guide on web design, online marketing and affiliate marketing skills. You earn $30 for each sale made. It’s got a brilliant customer support and high converting sales page, thereby making it easier for you to generate sales as an affiliate.

Some of the other products here include Genuine Income Stream which teaches people how to make money from the comfort of their homes. Their step-by-step guide teaches you how to be successful running affiliate programmes.
Another great package you can promote is the Income Elite which is a massive membership site with wonderful tools – Videos, audio, reports, etc and is updated monthly to give you value for your money.
There is also the 123 Cash Formula which is a complete list building business in a box. It provides you with high quality video instructions, opt-in sites, high quality branding, professionally written message sets, etc. You receive $20 for each sale made.
6. Moreniche: This is another nice platform on which to sell affiliate products. They have good affiliate support staff, high commission and high conversion rates. Some of the products you can promote here include ‘Smile4you’, Performer5, Clear Skin Max, Herbal Weight Loss, Proactol, Triactol (Breast Enlargement), Mint Cosmetics, etc. These products pay as much as 40% commission
7. Avangate: Here you also have variety of products to promote. They have been around for a fairly long time and are well trusted. Your due commissions are paid as and when due; they don’t owe their affiliates.
8. LunarPages: Lunarpages is a website hosting merchant that pays you about $60 for each person you refer to them who eventually signs up for a hosting account. You are also paid about $5 per referred person per month.
9. Paydotcom: This is a good place to get a wide range of products to market and make a lot of income if you do not have your personal products to sell to the visitors that come to your blog. The profit margin for some of the products is quite okay.
10. Dandingo: This is one of the trusted CPA affiliate networks with variety of products to promote. Not all countries are accepted by advertisers though. There are special products that are accepted to be promoted everywhere. Some of them include ‘Find Your Perfect partner’ (Dating), Fly for Fun (Downloads), Referral Swapper, etc. You can actually promote Education, health, downloads, software, e-mail, etc depending on your location and make a lot of money from them
The list of affiliate programmes you can promote is endless; but here, I have tried to list the few ones I have tested with great results. You may give them a trial and if you are not satisfied you opt out. Nobody ties you down and you are not under any obligation to remain there.

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