How to get Other Webmasters to Promote Your Blog

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Creating awareness about your new blog and getting others to promote your blog could be a difficult task especially when you are working on a tight budget; and getting others to help you out is even more difficult because of the level of competition in the blogosphere.

The fact that your newly created blog has no Google page rank or a favourable Alexa ranking even makes matters worse. No webmaster or web owner is ready to waste his precious time trying to help promote your blog.

You must figure a way out of your tight position and think of how to leverage on other people’s success stories to gain recognition for youself and attract people to your site. Some of the important things to do include:

  1. Build relationship: Look for a way to court these successful site owners. Get their email addresses and write them, asking to be their friend. Initially don’t ask for anything more than that; just ask for friendship. If your mail is replied keep writing them periodically with a very friendly tone. Ask after their business and family each time you write because they are the most precious things to them. They will soon learn to see you as a friend.
  2. Get on their list: Join the list of their subscribers and get a better attention from them. Even if you can’t get their email addresses and ask for friendship, joining their mailing list would make them treat you with care as their follower or reader.
  3. Volunteer a service: Volunteer to do something very special for them. One of those special things you could do is to write a review for their site on Alexa and it would easily be welcome because it is not always easy to get website owners doing that for another person. You can also ask to promote their products to your personal list.
  4. Submit quality post: Submit quality, spam-free post to them for their blog and ask them to post it whichever way it pleases them, without demanding for a back link on the article body. Just let them give you whatever they feel is good for you.
  5. Join their forum: If they have a forum, join it and make sure you make positive contributions. Be regular there and get their attention. When you become very useful there they wouldn’t want to lose you.
  6. Ask for a help: Having followed the afore-mentioned steps, you can now ask them for a help to promote your own link. Look for one of the best topics of your site and ask them to help promote the link to their list or on their facebook wall or Fans page. You may also submit the URL of your feed to them for promotion to their list and end up getting several new subscribers to join your list.
Making yourself to be a trusted friend first could actually earn you more favour than you expect. When you render unsolicited help, the person to whom you render the help would look for a way to pay you back in better measure.

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