How to Display Affiliate Links on Your Blog Without Being Punished by Google

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The use of affiliate links on your posts is one of those few things that almighty Google doesn’t love so much, especially if your blog is not on affiliate marketing. You may get punished if the URLs to the products you are promoting become too many on your posts. Besides, this also makes it appear to your readers that you are just there to make money and this can put them off.
However, there is a way you can still add some affiliate links of the products you are promoting to your site and those interested would see them and pay a visit to the sites. It is just a matter of adding a widget to your site that would help take care of that. What you do is simply go to your Dashboard and click on the ‘Design’ tab. Go to ‘Page Layout’ and click on ‘Add Gadgets’ as shown below:
You will then be taken to where you have several widgets options to choose from. Look for the ‘Link List’ widget and click on it. Note that it is not the same thing as the ‘List’ widget (List widget is used to link to your favorite books, movies, etc).
Configure it as you desire as shown in the picture below. For example, in the place of the title you could fill ‘Useful Links’ or ‘Helpful Links’ as the case may be. You may name it whatever you feel should appeal to your readers and encourage them to click on it.
In the place where it says ‘Number of links to show in the list’, leave it blank so that all your links can be displayed to your site visitors. In the place where it says ‘Sorting’, leave it at ‘Don’t sort’. For the ‘New site URL’, type the URL of the site you are linking to. For instance if we are linking to one of my sporting sites, the URL is . Next is to fill the ‘New Site Name’, and for the site we have just chosen, the name is ‘Sportsgalaxy.’ Usually the site name is different from site URL, though they may be same in some sites. 

After filling all required fields, click the ‘Save’ button and you are done. If you want to add more sites later, you click on the widget and click ‘Edit’ and then ‘Add Link’, fill in the required information as above and click ‘Save’.

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