Does Your Blog Template Affect Your Traffic and SEO?

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Blog Template is the backbone of any blog; and it determines whether or not the site would be beautiful, professional, SEO optimized or simply amateur. It is just like the human skeleton which determines the shape of the individual. Better still, it is like the foundation upon which a house is built. Of course we know that once the foundation of a house is bad no amount of architectural design can bring it back to the exact concept you had.

So many websites and blogs are attractive and people keep coming to such sites because of their attractiveness and the professional way they are arranged and configured. If your blog must look professional therefore, you need a very nice blog template to bring out its shape and make everything fit into where you want it to be.

Different blogging platforms have their differently designed way of projecting their message to their readers. If you are using blogger, you will observe that the Blogger templates are different from those of wordpress. I have personally come to know that wordpress templates are better designed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), partly because of the number of persons who are submitting their designs regularly to the platform and the regular upgrades.

How does your blog template affect your traffic?

1. Site Navigation:

Your blog template must be built in such a way as to make it easy for visitors to find their way through your site without any assistance. The menu bar must be clear enough and show the normal “Home, About, Sitemap, contact, etc.” buttons for new comers to see.

2. Back to Top:

There should be “Back to Top” button at the bottom of your site to make it easier for readers to come back to the top without scrolling through your volume of articles.

3.Search tab:

There must be a search tab to enable users search through your site or to go through other websites to get the information they need without having to get out of your site.

4. Social bookmark:

Social bookmark buttons must be visible in strategic areas for them to quickly share the content of your site with their friends. At least the major ones like facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, mix, digg, reddit, Google+, google buzz, etc. should be there.

5. Columns:

What kind of columns do you have on your blog main area? Is it 2, 3 or more? At least 3-column template with a widget area each on both sides performs very well because it makes your site neater and accommodates more widgets without making the site cluttered. And when the template is built that way, you don’t have to manipulate it to accommodate what you want and then cause it to be distorted in the process.

6. Footer Area:

It should have at least 3 to 4 columns footer widget area in case you need to add some special features. If you choose a 2-column template without a nice footer widget area, you are sure going to make the site a problem for your visitors because you eventually push everything on the widget side and overload it with features.

7. Configuration:

There must be ease of configuration to be able to add few features that are not there. The blogosphere is metamorphosing everyday and as new things are introduced your template should be able to accept some changes without necessarily becoming problematic.

8. Other important features

like “Popular posts, related posts, recent post, recent comment, labels, etc.” must be considered as well.

When your blog templates are well built and highly optimized, it makes it easier for your visitors to enjoy being at your site. It also makes it easy for the Search Engines robots to crawl your blogs regularly without any difficulty.

You must have it at the back of your mind that your blog is built for both human traffic and for search engine optimization and when the pendulum swings in one direction, it would not be in the best interest of your site and business.

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