The Best Hands to recruit for Your Small Business for Optimal Performance

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Running a small business is not too different from the way the big ones are managed. Every businessman must understand that management requires skills, understanding, patience and foresight for one to be able to successfully thrive in whatever sphere one has chosen.
You certainly need people, but who do you need?
Your business must not be left to chances because it will never succeed by accident; it requires people who have what it takes to succeed. It requires someone with the right information and technical know how for it to move forward and have an edge over your competitors.
1.      Trustworthy persons: The number one thing to consider before recruiting someone for your small business is trust. If you get it wrong here, you get every other thing wrong. For you to make it, you need people who are trustworthy enough to be entrusted with the records of your firm. People who are honest enough when it comes to dealing with customers, co-workers and management.  You need people who would not compromise when it comes to integrity; somebody who would never want to sell company property to financially enrich himself.
2.      Amiable Persons: One thing that kills a business fast is a worker who frowns at a customer and never laughs back even when one makes an effort to be friendly with him. People who are friendly attract customers to your small business and when the customers come, they are willing to stay longer. The longer they stay the more they buy from you.
3.      Hardworking persons: You don’t certainly want to employ lazy people to run your business for you right from the outset. If you do, you will crash out sooner than you expected. For a small firm that is just starting and wishes to stay loner in business, diligent hands are needed to put it on its feet and give it a bearing.
4.      Skillful people: Mediocrity would kill and bury your business; it must be avoided like a leper. Skillful people will help you do the day to day planning and implementation of quality, well-thought-out road map for your firm. They are trained to give your business a life line and they know when things begin to go awry. You must get quality and capable hands with technical know how and practical experience to take care of your trade.
5.      Good resource manager: You have to hire one who have what it takes to co-ordinate, manage and lead people. One who is able to efficiently use scarce resources to achieve tangible result. You need one who has track record in human resources management to handle your business, your employees and groom them into what your dream is.
6.      Team players: A person who is able to work with anybody, anytime is a good material for your new business if you hope to enjoy optimum production. When people work together as a team, strength is generated and production is eventually enhanced because of the unity of purpose and the cordial relationship existing amongst them.
7.      One with hunger: You also need someone who is hungry for success and is willing to learn to improve himself. Anybody who is already satisfied with his achievement and has no desire to improve himself is not a good material for you.
8.      Clean Record: Look out for people who have clean past records. If they have clean criminal records, the tendency is for them to keep maintaining their good name and never soil their reputation.
9.      Subordinate people: You also need people you are ready to obey rules and regulations of the company and also respect constituted authority. When there is discipline, the result is growth and productivity
10.  Time keepers: You also need those who have the penchant to respect and keep to time. Time, they say, is money. So get people who know that time is of the essence when it comes to making money for your firm.
Once you get it right from the beginning the sky would be the limit as far your small business growth is concerned.

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