10 Ways to Make Your Blogging Interesting and Attract More Readers

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There are many bloggers in the blogosphere but not all of them know how to make their readers happy and satisfied so that they can keep visiting their site regularly. There are things you must incorporate into your writing that would make you an interesting person to be close to. When you distinguish yourself from the multitude your followers see you as an authority who is worthy of their time and respect.
Writing can be made fun and enjoyable to those who visit your blog; and of course when they see your write ups as really useful they share it with their friends and many of them end up subscribing to your feeds. But what are those things that can make your blogging interesting?
1.    Great Content: Content is king as far as blogging is concerned and when you are able to provide unique, quality content you endear yourself to your readers. Your content must not only be unique, it must be informative and relevant to time.
2.    Language simplicity: Never try to impress your readers with a lot of grammar because it ends up getting them confused. You are not a good communicator until your message has been understood by the recipient. Make your writing language easy to understand. You should understand that it’s not everybody that comes to your site that is highly educated. You must also be concise when writing; avoid beating about the bush. People don’t have much time to waste.
3.    Interaction: Make it easy for your visitors to contact you should they have any question, complaints or challenges that require your attention. You should provide a contact form and display it in a conspicuous place for them to get in touch with you. And each time you are contacted, be sure to respond as soon as possible.
4.    About: Who are you and what is your blog about? These are questions you must answer. How do you answer the questions? It is simply by having an ‘About’ page. Your ‘About’ page must provide clear information about yourself and also about your site. It helps the visitors to your site to know who they are dealing with and improve their confidence in you and your site.
5.    Site colour: Your site colour must be attractive and must also not unnecessarily give your visitors visual problems. Try to use light colours and above all, never use deep colours like Red, black, green, etc as your background colours because they pose a great challenge to your readers if they want to download any of your posts. Background colour should be at least white which will not consume much ink while printing your site content. Besides, you must have a good colour mix; avoid extraneous colours that make your site look so unprofessional.
6.    Menu buttons: Your menu buttons should link to important parts of your site and must be displayed in obvious position. The buttons must also be working and not get your readers frustrated when they click on them.
7.    Recommendations: Your followers want you to recommend to them useful and nice sites related to yours. They also love you to recommend products you have used and you are promoting for them to buy because they have learnt to trust you over the years. You must therefore not be selfish when it comes to showing them where they can get information to help them.
8.    Special offers: You can also make visitors come to your site often by offering them special promos or rewarding them with things like e-books, free advert space, free periodic subscription if you run a paid membership site, etc.
9.    Social media: Ensure you have social media links on your blogs. People who visit your site would most likely recommend it to their friends if they find your site useful. You must provide them the opportunity to do so by inserting buttons to social media sites like facebook, twitter, mix, digg, stumbleupon, Google+, reddit, etc.
10.           Adverts: Advertize less on your site. Make the site look more decent and not cluttered with adverts. In order to meet up some financial challenges, you need to place ads on your site. But they must be done decently to avoid putting your readers off.
There are other things you can do to improve your blogging and also its readership. Just think about them and add them to your site to make your visitors see you as an irresistible author.

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