10 Ways to Get The Best out of Your Employees

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Your greatest assets when it comes to your small business are your employees; so you need to get the best out of them and also ensure that they are not unduly exploited. There should be a win-win environment created for everyone to thrive. The people who work for you certainly need a conducive environment that would enable them give out their utmost.
Giving their best does not come through cajoling or through castigation; it comes through a peaceful and motivational environment which must be deliberately created by you because you have a set goal – which is to make your employees work for the interest of the business and also get their dreams achieved in the long run.
What do you do?
There are a few things you can do to achieve your objective, and some of them include:
  1. Value your employees: They must be treated with great value attached to them; they must not be seen as mere instruments for achieving your dreams and after that they are discarded. See them as people who have personal values that must be respected. Never treat them as though they’re your slaves.
  2.  Motivate them: Motivation can come in various forms – praise, special teachings, etc. When they are properly motivated to see themselves as people with a bright future, they would give their best. From time to time get somebody to speak to them. Let them know they can achieve their personal dreams; they can become employers of tomorrow and that when they work hard and with their sincere hearts they are chatting a future for themselves.
  3. Pay them: You should not pay meager salaries when you are making several millions of dollars through them. Ensure their salaries are commensurate with what they put in. They should never have any cause to grumble while working for you.
  4. Incentives: Give them incentives where necessary. This can be individual or corporate. Some of the things you could give to encourage them to increase production include Safety Awards, Work Continuity Award, etc. Those who distinguish themselves in the work place should be rewarded and those who do not visit the hospital always should also be rewarded. Groups that excel should be rewarded as well. This would make everyone to be desirous of success and think of ways of distinguishing themselves.
Train them: Make sure your workers are trained to keep up with new technological developments in your industry.  Give everyone an opportunity to improve himself while working with you. Their skills have to be improved upon: they should be able to acquire new skills and certificates that would make them better positioned for employment opportunities should there be any need to look for another job elsewhere in the future. Your best friend is he who brings out the best that is within you. – Henry Ford.
  1. Promote them: Your employees must not be static; there must be ample opportunity for them to be promoted from one level to the other. No one should remain a junior worker for several years without any hope of becoming a senior staff. Employees’ growth makes them see themselves as part of the business.
  2. Interaction: No one should ever work in isolation. You must keep interacting with your workers. Get to know them in person; know their names, their personal concerns, their challenges, their dreams, etc. and look for ways of helping them achieve their dreams. Interacting with them would promote the interpersonal relationship in the company and make everyone feel happy to belong to the family.
  3. Support: Workers face financial challenges sometimes and they need someone who cares and provides a means of solving these challenges. When there is an immediate need you must be willing to offer a helping hand. You can give them loans when necessary, to help take care of financial problems that are beyond their capacity.
  4. Access: Give your employees access to yourself. They shouldn’t be made to pass through some rigorous procedures before they can access you. You should be open to them and make they trust you. Be a solution giver in things that are both official and unofficial, especially if your opinion is sought.
  5. Investment: When it is time to sell shares/stocks of your company as the company grows, you should give them an opportunity to buy and be co-investors of the company. If they are investors, they will do everything humanly possible to improve the fortunes of the business because the success of the business would mean their personal success and its failure would also mean their personal failure.
When you give your employees that which makes them valued, they are ready to offer you the best of their services. When you get their best, your business growth is guaranteed and as they put in their optimum, you make more profits and everyone is happy in the long run.

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