10 places Where You can get Free Advertisement for Your Small Business

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Free advertisement for your new business is something you cannot afford to miss. Now that you have gotten a small business, how do you make it known to potential customers when you have no money to advertise? This could be a major challenge to anyone that is starting off online or offline. Your business or even your website can never be known by anyone except there is some kind of advert that creates awareness about your existence.
Since your major challenge is fund, you need not fear or panic because there is solution to it. You can still make do with free advertisement for your business that would let people know where you are and what have got to deliver. We are going to look at the available resources for you to tap from:
1.   Craiglist: The use of craiglist is one way to sound the trumpet about the existence of your small business. It is a place to get free but quality back link and traffic to your blog. If you do not have the budget to run quality advert on Google Adwords, newspapers, televisions, etc you can take advantage of craiglist to make your product known to the world and then get quality traffic in return.

This community has about 4 billion page views monthly. You need to locate your niche area and post your advert on the “for sale or services” section of the community. But you must make sure you do not spam. You have to place your advert in only the relevant place. Don’t place multiple ads as these would be detected and your account may be banned for spamming.
  1. usfreeads: Apart from the use of craiglist for your free advertisement, you can also take advantage of this site to drive traffic to your blog or small business especially if you are in the U.S. Remember that the more traffic you get the more money you stand to generate from your blog. Here we have both free, gold and premium membership levels.
  2. hoobly: You can also make do with this site to promote your stuff, though it is location-based. You may not be able to take advantage of it if you are outside the U.S
  3. nairalist: This is one of the best places to place your free ads if you are in Nigeria. You can create awareness about autos, jobs, goods and services, house for rent or sale, etc. Ads are grouped according to regions or states, etc.
  4. tradestable: This is a good site to place ad for second hand goods, autos, furniture, mobile phones, etc. Classified ads are also displayed by states. Here you are required to create an account before you submit your free classified ad.
  5. bunchbay: this also requires creating an account before posting your advertisement
  6. whitedrum: This is another good site for you to promote your small business without spending money.
  7. 123nigeria: Just as the name suggests, this is a Nigerian site for free classified which you can take advantage of to move your business ahead.
  8. kugli: You will also be asked to create a personal account before you are allowed to make any posting here. But the try is worth it since you are not spending any money to create awareness about your small business.
10.  freeadposting: This is also worth a try. You need to maximize your available opportunities to let people know about you. The more they hear about your business the better for you.
So nothing should be allowed to hold you down when it comes to promoting your businesseven though you are on a very tight budget. You can take advantage of the afore-mentioned sites to make your advertisement without spending a dime.

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