Should I use Free Domain to Host My Blog?

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One great concern some friends have shown with regard to their blogging business is if they should use free domain to host their blogs and what effects it may have on their online blogging experience. Some believe it could harm their business in the long run; others just don’t know if at all it has any negative effects on their business. If you have read my post How to Set up a Blog Without Consulting a Professional, It is now time to think of how to host the blog you have set up.
To start with, what is a free domain and how does it work?
Have you ever been given a web address by a friend and on looking closely you discovered the URL is written like htt:// or ? That is an example of a blog hosted on a free domain. Usually your URL should be like http;//
When you host your blog on the subdomain of another site you have the type of URL mentioned earlier. The main domain is or as the case may be. But when they host your site freely for you, you have no control over the address; they determine how your address should look like.
The major differences between them are:
1.                Money involved: While the free domain (just as the name suggests) is free, the paid domain involves paying for yearly hosting with a web hosting company to keep your site alive. The free domain does not also require buying a domain name. But the paid domain demands you buy one for yourself and that it also be renewed every year. This can make it a little expensive to run your business.
2.                Length of name: The paid domain name is usually shorter and easier to remember. But the free domain can be unusually lengthy and difficult to remember. This is because you have to first add the name of the company providing the hosting for you before adding your own URL name.
3.                Professionalism: While the free domain is most times viewed as an amateur site, the paid ones are seen as professional sites and are treated with more respect.
4.                Control: You have total control over what happens in your paid domain but you are limited by certain ‘don’ts’ if you use a free domain. For example, wordpress would not allow you to configure certain parts of your site if you are using free version. Certain plug-ins don’t work with free domain. In a situation where you get your free domain from certain sites, they decide to place ads on your sites and limit the number of ads you can place there yourself.
5.                Trust: It is easier to trust a paid site than it is with the free blog site. For instance, some CPA, affiliate or ‘paid to review’ sites don’t accept a free subdomain. They are not comfortable doing business with them; and the moment you type your URL, you are rejected. Some domain search sites also don’t recognize the free domains.
However, you have total access to the data of your site, notwithstanding whether it is free or paid. You determine what is published there and nobody can gain entry without your consent.
When you have unique and fresh content on your site, people would visit it frequently irrespective of the fact it is a free domain. So, in a nutshell, the URL of the site may not be as important as the content because people are more interested in your content.
The good news for free domain blog owners is that you can convert your blog to a paid domain if you eventually begin to make some money and you can comfortably pay for a domain name. Google can still host it for you freely. All you do is only renew the domain yearly while the blog hosting is done freely for life.
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