Identified Reasons Why Your Blog is not Generating Money (part 1)

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It is good to build a blog and provide the people with the content they want so that you can remain in the blogosphere long enough to make a lasting impact. If you strike the right balance you will be able to satisfy the people.

However, it wouldn’t do you much good if you continue to give the people the right content and satisfy their curiosity and yet you do not get anything back from your visitors. How would you remain in business? You need a way of generating money to make research, pay for domain and webhosting, pay for internet connection etc. Therefore your blog must be well positioned to generate some revenues for you.

But why is it that your blog is not generating any revenue? The reasons for lack of revenue generation are not far-fetched. The following are some of the reasons why your blog is generating money that is too little or generating no money at all:
1. Age: your blog may not make you any money if it is too young to be trusted. Most people want to know if you have been in business for a long time; at least that can give them the guarantee that you are successful and doing well, hence you’ve been around all the while. Most of the big blogs that are making money are those that have been in blogosphere for several years and a lot of people have come to know and trust them.

2. Poor content: If you have content that is not unique or that is poor in quality, it would be difficult to convince a visitor to your site to buy your product. People must not see your content as recycled ones or duplicated content: there should be freshness and it must be different from what they have seen elsewhere to stir up their interest. You need to also publish regularly.

3. Low traffic: you certainly need traffic to generate money with your blog. The higher the number of people visiting your site the higher the possibility of prospect and customers. If your blog is not known to anybody the number of persons paying a visit would certainly be very small, and this adversely affects he amount of revenue you derive in the long run.

4. Low page rank: A lot of people are busy looking for ways of improving their own blogs, and not to actually hear what you have got to tell them. Most people get attracted to a blog if they know the page rank is good – at least a Google page rank of 3 and above and Alexa traffic rank of less than 200,000. Interaction becomes higher when they have it at the back of their minds that they can get better back link from you. When they keep coming they can eventually become customers. Hardly would a blog with no page rank get adequate regular traffic.

5.Loading speed: the loading speed of your blog matters a lot. If it takes longer time than necessary for your site to boot, prospective buyers get scared away and may never come back let alone buying your products. This is the reason Google frowns at and even penalizes very slow sites.

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