Identified Reasons Why Your Blog is not Generating Money (part 2)

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Your blog may not be generating money as you expected, especially considering your dream before entering the blogging business. This does not happen by accident; there are reasons why this is happening to you.  If you have not read Identified reasons Why Your Blog is not Generating Money (part 1), I advise you to go and read it now before proceeding  with this. Some of the reasons include:
1.      Unprofessional site: the look of your blog also plays a major role in determining whether or not your visitors would want to buy from you. If the page arrangement, colour combination, headlines, widgets placement, ad placement, are all poorly done, your  visitor would conclude you are on amateur and so they may not want to buy your products
2.     No monetization: When there are no ads, no products, e-books, templates, affiliate products, etc. to present to prospective buyers, you don’t expect to generate any revenue with your blog. People come to your blog not only to read your content, but also to be told what product to buy. But when you have nothing to sell to them they go back with their moneys.
3.    Over –monetization: when you over – monetize your blog, your customers would conclude you are only there to make money and they would end up not buying. You don’t have to place 3 Google Adsense, several other ads, “place your ad here’ sign, affiliate products from several advertisers and merchants on your site at the same time. This would make your site so cluttered and distracting. It also slows the load time of your blog. You sure need to monetize, but it should be done sparingly and everything must be targeted toward your much niche audience.
4.    Sub-domain: I have come to realize that free sub-domain can affect can affect your revenue drive as well. So many people don’t trust the name that ends in or because they are free sub domains. This is why most of the “paid to write” or “paid to review” sites, hardly give you assignment because the advertisers hardly want to give assignments to your blog.
5.    Poor relationship: you are not consciously building a lasting relationship with your readers. You are only in a hurry to sell to them. They can sense this and refuse to buy from you since their interest doesn’t matter to you. You need to put them into consideration when you write your articles. You also need feedback from them; you need to ask them to tell you what they would love you to write about. Building a cordial relationship with your readers retains them and turns them into buyers and improve your ability to generate money with your blog.Also building a good relationship with friends and fellow bloggers helps to spread the news about your blog and then bring in more readers in the long run.

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