How to Configure the Formatting and Comments Setting of Your Blogger Blog

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In our previous post we looked at How To Configure Blogger Publishing Setting to Host Your Custom Domain. We shall proceed to our lesson for today.We are not going to waste any time here. We need to go to business immediately. Now login to your blogger dashboard and click on “Setting”
blogger blog formatting
Locate “Formatting” sub link and the first thing you see is “Show at most…posts on this page”. Replace the 7 with numbers between 1 to 4 and not more than that. For the “Date Header Format” go through the options and choose whichever one appeals to you. 
For “Archive Index Date and Format”, also go through available options and choose the type of archiving index and format that you love. In the area of “Timestamp Format”, do same thing.

Finally, for “Time Zone” think of where you are located and then look through the drop down menu to see your particular location. For instance, if you are in Nigeria, you would see the option with GMT +1:00 and Lagos.

blogger blog formatting

Click on that and save your changes.

Now go to the “Comments” sub link and make the necessary changes. 

blogger blog formatting
In the area titled “Who Can Comment”, decide on what you want. If you want everybody to be able to comment on your post, Click on the highlighted part as shown above, otherwise choose what you want. Each part has its own merit and demerit. Any other option apart from the one we have chosen above would limit the number of persons interacting with your blog. The tendency for spamming is higher with the first option anyway.
Next, you need to decide to receive comment e-mail or not. If you choose to receive comment e-mail then you have to provide the e-mail address to which new comments notifications would be sent. Click on save settings and you will receive a confirmation that the changes have been successfully made.

 Congratulations! You are done. Save your settings

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