How to Configure Blogger Archive and Site Feed

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We are going to see how we can configure our blogger “Archiving to instruct blogger to archive our posts daily, weekly or yearly. If you haven’t read our tutorial on How to Configure the Formatting and Comments Settings of your Blogger Blog, it is advisable for you to do so now as we are taking every segment step by step until you are totally done with formatting your blog. 
As usual, login to your dashboard and go to the “Settings” tab. Click on the “Archiving” sub link. And you will be presented with the image as below


Out of the available options, click on weekly as shown in the red circle and click save. You may also click monthly if you are not publishing so frequently or if the volume of your regular work is not too much.

After you are through with configuring the archiving, move on to the next sub link “Site Feed”. 



This section is relevant because it enables you send a copy of your post to your readers’ list. If you click full, the entire post would be syndicated to those on your list and that means they may not bother to visit your blog after reading the full length of your publication. 
If you click ‘None’ it means your post would not be sent to your readers. So the best option is to click “Short”. In that case only the first paragraph or 255 characters would be sent to your readers, with a link to visit your blog to complete the reading. This would ensure your readers keep coming to your blog after receiving the mail that you have a new post.

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