Facts About Drupal: What Makes it so Popular?

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Drupal is the most popular and advanced content management system available for developing complex and highly functional websites. There are various CMSs available for web development and each has a uniqueness of its own. However, there are three major content management systems that are most popular in the web development industry. They are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. 
WordPress started out as a blogging platform which gradually got enhanced into a fully fledged web development platform. If you require a blog then you will go for WordPress as it allows the admin to add, edit and delete the content of the website without going into the websites code.
 A web designer or developer may go for Joomla as its admin interface is highly user friendly and web developers favor it a lot. However, web programmers who like to work on complex e-Commerce projects and websites with huge requirements would choose Drupal to have a better control over the backend of the website.
Some of the key features of Drupal that make it so popular are:
Security: Drupal provides configurable features for controlling the access permission of users to website content, modules and functionality.
e Commerce Ready: Drupal allows PHP programmers to create highly effective and featured Ecommerce websites. It is considered as one of the most suitable CMSs for Ecommerce development.
Backend: The Drupal background or admin section is user friendly and provides a much simpler interface than WordPress or Joomla. Different functionalities are neatly categorized in the admin section along with descriptions and necessary guiding material for the users.
Support: Drupal comes along with an excellent documentation. Moreover, Drupal has a very dedicated and supportive community over the internet. They are always present to help users with any problems or complexities that they may face while developing web applications over Drupal.
Social Network Readiness: Drupal provides options for user management and various modules to support social networking. Connectivity with popular social networks can be easily implemented by using social media plugins and other extensions.
Flexible Template: The templates offered by Drupal are highly flexible and allow the programmers to make changes to the headers, body and sidebars in just a few clicks.
Highly Scalable and Extendible: The most important feature of Drupal is its capability to expand. Programmers are not bounded by any limitation while developing applications over Drupal. Drupal allows web programmers to add as much functionality, modules and extensions as they want. If you don’t have a plugin for a certain feature then you can easily create one and integrate it into the application. This freedom is something that every web programmer cherishes.
Drupal is being developed and enhanced continuously. Being a relatively fresh CMS it has been armed with great features and really exciting functionalities. Web programmers and professional  PHP development company usually suggest Drupal to clients having huge requirements and complex projects. 
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